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Chivalry 2 Invite Friends Not Working Ps4-How to fix?

As the medieval combat game, Chivalry 2, continues to besot the PlayStation 4 gaming community with its brutal yet thrilling gameplay, an unfortunate error has put a slight damper on the fun. A number of players have reported encountering issues with the “invite friends” feature, thus preventing them from enjoying the game in the company of their pals. However, there are ways to navigate this roadblock, and this article aims to guide you through fixing the “Chivalry 2 Invite Friends Not Working Ps4” issue.

About the problem

The issue pertains to the in-game PS4 feature that allows players to send invitations to their friends for a joint gameplay session. Frustratingly, a number of Chivalry 2 gamers have reported problems with this feature, pointing out that their attempts at extending such invites are met with failure. On digging deeper, it appears the problem is not confined to a specific region, but rather, is a global concern. It is a severe hindrance to the gaming experience, as cooperative play is a core element of Chivalry 2’s appeal.

Possible Fixes for “Chivalry 2 Invite Friends Not Working”

Check for updates: One of the first things any player should do when encountering such issues is to check for available updates for the game. The game’s developers, Torn Banner Studios, are known for their quick responses to player complaints. They likely have already released a patch to fix this problem. You can check for updates in the PlayStation 4’s dashboard.

Try a full reinstall: While this may seem a bit drastic, it has proven effective in some cases. In order to do this, you should delete the entire game and then download and install it again from the PlayStation Store. This usually helps to eliminate any settings or files that might be causing the issue.

Working with PlayStation Network (PSN)

If the above solutions do not seem to work, you might want to look at whether the issue is not with the game itself but with PlayStation Network (PSN). Perhaps your friend’s profile settings are such that they do not allow external invitations, or your own network settings could be prohibiting the sending of invites.

You can check your network settings in the PSN dashboard and ensure that everything is set to allow for external connections. Similarly, you can ask your friend to check their privacy settings and see if they have inadvertently set them to block invitations.

Contacting Support

If the problem persists even after trying the above remedies, your last resort should be to contact either Chivalry 2’s support or PlayStation’s customer service. It may be possible that the issue is more complex and requires professional intervention.

While the “Chivalry 2 invite friends not working PS4” issue is certainly a disappointment for players seeking cooperative play, it is very likely that it will be resolved imminently, given Torn Banner Studios’ track record of swift problem-solving. In the meantime, try the suggested fixes and you might just be back to storming castles with your friends sooner than you think.

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