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https //www.googleadservices.com: How to Fix the Error


In the digital age, online advertising plays a crucial role in reaching a wider audience and promoting products and services. Google Ads is one of the most popular advertising platforms, allowing businesses to display their ads across various websites and search results. However, while using Google Ads, you may encounter certain errors that can disrupt your advertising campaigns. One such error is the “https //www.googleadservices.com” error. In this article, we will explore this error in detail, understand its causes, and provide effective solutions to resolve it.

Understanding and Resolving the "https //www.googleadservices.com" Error

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What is the “https //www.googleadservices.com” Error?

The “https //www.googleadservices.com” error is a common issue encountered by advertisers when using Google Ads. It typically occurs when a user clicks on an ad, and instead of being redirected to the intended landing page, they are faced with an error page displaying the “https //www.googleadservices.com” URL. This error prevents users from accessing the advertised website, causing frustration and potentially leading to a loss of potential customers. Understanding the reasons behind this error is crucial in order to address and resolve it effectively.

Possible Causes of the “https //www.googleadservices.com” Error

  1. Misconfigured URL Parameters: Incorrectly set URL parameters in the Google Ads campaign settings can trigger the “https //www.googleadservices.com” error. Double-checking the URL configurations is essential to ensure smooth navigation for users clicking on your ads.
  2. Website Accessibility Issues: If your website experiences downtime or undergoes maintenance, it can result in the “https //www.googleadservices.com” error. Ensuring your website is accessible and functional at all times is vital for a seamless user experience.
  3. Ad Blocking Software: Certain ad-blocking browser extensions or plugins might interfere with the Google Ads tracking system, leading to the “https //www.googleadservices.com” error. Educating users about the importance of disabling such extensions can help mitigate this issue.

Resolving the “https //www.googleadservices.com” Error

  1. Check and Correct URL Parameters: Review the URL parameters within your Google Ads campaign settings. Verify that they are accurately configured and match the intended landing page. This step ensures that users are directed to the correct web address when they click on your ads.
  2. Monitor Website Health: Regularly monitor the accessibility and functionality of your website. Employ tools that provide notifications in case of downtime or technical issues. Swiftly address any problems to minimize the chances of encountering the “https //www.googleadservices.com” error.
  3. Test Ad Blockers: Verify whether ad-blocking software is causing the error by testing your ads with various browsers and ad-blocking extensions. If the error persists, consider reaching out to your website visitors and providing instructions on how to disable or whitelist your website in ad blockers.
  4. Contact Google Support: If all else fails, it is advisable to reach out to Google Ads support for further assistance. They can help diagnose the issue and guide you through the necessary steps to resolve the “https //www.googleadservices.com” error.


Encountering the “https //www.googleadservices.com” error can be frustrating for advertisers, as it hampers the effectiveness of their Google Ads campaigns. However, by understanding the possible causes and implementing the recommended solutions mentioned in this article, you can minimize the impact of this error. Always ensure that your URL parameters are correctly configured, monitor the health of your website, and address any ad-blocking issues that may arise. By taking these proactive steps, you can create a smooth advertising experience for your users and maximize the potential of your Google Ads campaigns.

Remember, should you encounter persistent issues, reaching out to Google Ads support is a reliable option to seek professional guidance and assistance.


Q1: What does the “https //www.googleadservices.com” error mean?

The error occurs when clicking on an ad leads to an error page with that URL.

Q2: Why am I experiencing the “https //www.googleadservices.com” error?

Possible causes include misconfigured URL parameters, website accessibility issues, or ad-blocking software.

Q3: How can I resolve the “https //www.googleadservices.com” error?

Check and correct URL parameters, monitor website health, test ad blockers, and contact Google support if needed.

Q4: How do I check and correct URL parameters?

Review your Google Ads campaign settings to ensure accurate configuration matching the intended landing page.

Q5: What can I do to monitor the health of my website?

Regularly monitor accessibility and functionality, using tools that provide notifications for downtime or technical issues.

Q6: How can I test if ad blockers are causing the error?

Test your ads with different browsers and ad-blocking extensions to identify any interference.

Q7: What should I do if the “https //www.googleadservices.com” error persists?

Consider providing instructions to disable or whitelist your website in ad blockers and contact Google Ads support.

Q8: Can Google Ads support help with this error?

Yes, reach out to Google Ads support for professional guidance and assistance in resolving the issue.

Q9: How important is it to address this error promptly?

Addressing the error promptly is crucial to maintain the effectiveness of your Google Ads campaigns.

Q10: What steps can I take to maximize the effectiveness of my campaigns?

Ensure correct URL parameters, monitor website health, and educate users about ad-blocking software.

Q11: Are there any other common errors related to Google Ads?

Yes, there are other errors, such as “404 Not Found” or “Destination Mismatch,” that may occur in different scenarios.

Q12: How can I prevent future occurrences of the “https //www.googleadservices.com” error?

By following the recommended solutions and regularly reviewing and updating your Google Ads settings.

Q13: Can I get compensation for the inconvenience caused by this error?

Compensation for the error itself is unlikely, but resolving it promptly can minimize potential losses.

Q14: Are there any additional resources available for troubleshooting Google Ads errors?

Google Ads Help Center and online communities offer resources to troubleshoot and resolve various Google Ads issues.

Q15: Can I track the impact of the “https //www.googleadservices.com” error on my campaigns?

Yes, monitoring campaign performance metrics can provide insights into the impact of the error on conversions and user engagement.

Remember, understanding the causes and resolving the “https //www.googleadservices.com” error promptly can help maintain the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns and improve user experience.

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