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Discord Keeps Crashing (iOS 17.0.2): An Annoying Glitch Impacting Users

Recent reports indicate that the widely-used communication platform, Discord, has been experiencing issues on Apple’s latest operating system, iOS 17.0.2. Users have flooded various online platforms with concerns about the frequent app crashes, creating a hindrance to their online engagements. This article uncovers the primary cause of the Discord crashing issue and provides potential solutions that could help alleviate this concern.

Unveiling the Discord Crashing Problem on iOS 17.0.2

A significant number of Discord’s iPhone users have begun reporting constant and abrupt crashes on the platform ever since they installed the iOS 17.0.2 update. This has led to a notable outcry, especially as many users heavily rely on Discord for their daily chats, gaming sessions, and professional collaborations.

While the problem’s root cause is still being thoroughly investigated, some experts suggest that the recurrent crashes may result due to software compatibility issues between Discord and iOS 17.0.2. Furthermore, the problem seems to be primarily affecting users using the latest iPhone models – iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max.

Impact on the Discord iPhone Community

Discord has long been celebrated for its stability, ease of use, and feature-rich platform that allows seamless communication between its users. However, these recent crashes have begun to tarnish this image, causing frustration among the community – particularly gamers.

It’s worth noting that, as per App Annie, in the first quarter of 2021, approximately 35% of Discord’s mobile app downloads came from Apple’s App Store, highlighting the magnitude of the issue at hand.

**User Experience Challenges** have become a significant hurdle as users struggle to maintain steady conversations with their teams and friends on Discord due to the app crashing abruptly.

Possible Solutions for the Discord Crashing Issue

While both Discord and Apple have acknowledged this issue and are working to release patches to fix the problem, users need not feel stranded. The following are some potential solutions that users could experiment with while awaiting the official fixes.

Firstly, users could consider **downgrading their iOS version** to the previous stable release until Apple rolls out a new update that fixes the crashing issues on iOS 17.0.2. Secondly, users could try to **reinstall Discord** or **update it to the latest version** (if they haven’t already), as this could potentially resolve possible bugs causing the crash.

Anxiously Awaiting Fixes

The online community’s eyes are focused on Apple and Discord as they are eagerly awaiting their response to this pressing issue. The sudden nature of the problem has undoubtedly put a significant number of gamers and professionals who rely on Discord on the edge.

However, it is pertinent to note that while these issues seem to be a major nuisance right now, they are quite common whenever new software updates are rolled out. Undoubtedly, both Apple and Discord are likely to come up with a solution soon, reinstating users’ faith in their services and their capability to quickly address runtime issues.

Until then, users are advised to try out the suggested solutions and regularly check for updates from both companies regarding the crashing issue to keep their Discord experience as seamless as possible.

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