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Helldivers 2 Tactics: How to Liberate Planets More Effectively

In the electrifying world of Helldivers 2, an action-packed, sci-fi game that puts players in the shoes of a heroic soldier whose mission is to protect Super Earth from alien threats, liberating planets is a crucial task. Equipped with dystopian weapons, fuelled by courage, and driven by strategy, Helldivers soldiers wreak havoc on enemy lines to reclaim their interstellar territories. To get the upper hand in these galactic conquests, efficient tactics that leverage the game’s key mechanics to the player’s advantage are paramount. This piece takes a closer look at some valuable Helldivers 2 tactics, specifically those aimed at liberating planets more effectively.

Master the Game’s Core Mechanic

Possibly the most important tip for succeeding in Helldivers 2 is to understand the game’s core mechanics thoroughly. The game is built around the idea of teamwork and versatility, with each player needing to adapt their role based on the team’s needs and the mission at hand. It’s important to focus on not just mastering your own class and weapons, but also understanding how your allies’ abilities can be best harmonized with yours.

Effective Use of Stratagems

Stratagems – the tactical abilities that you can call down from your ship – form the backbone of your offense, defense, and support capabilities in Helldivers 2. Well-timed and context-appropriate use of stratagems, such as anti-tank mines, air strikes, stationary guns, and supply drops can radically improve your chances of liberating planets.

Choose Your Battles Wisely

The concept of ‘Choose your battles wisely’ couldn’t be more essential in a game such as Helldivers 2. It is advisable to avoid engaging with every enemy patrol you encounter. Instead, conserving resources and stamina for major battles can significantly improve your planet liberation efforts.

Embrace Teamwork

The brutality of Helldivers 2 encourages pugnacious gameplay. However, it also demands players to actively cultivate a spirit of cooperation and coordination. Frequent communication, skillful allocation of roles, quick strategic decision making, and mutual support become essential in the dynamics of an effective team aiming at planet liberation.

Unlock and Utilize Upgrades

Each soldier in Helldivers 2 is furnished with an array of advanced weapons, armor, and abilities that can be upgraded over time. Prioritizing these upgrades, and customizing your loadout at the Armory to match the particular challenges of each mission, can help improve your chances of victory.

Despite being predominantly a war game, Helldivers 2 also gives players a break from the violence to explore and appreciate the vast universe, providing them with valuable resources in the process. So, whether you’re gunning down aliens, liberating planets, or silently stargazing, remember: in Helldivers 2, strategy matters, teamwork counts, and the stakes are always stellar.

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