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How do I blink my flashlight?

No one wants to live in dark, sometimes we suddenly need to search for our mobile, but due to darkness, it takes time. This is the reason why we came with this piece of content. In the modern world, each mobile phone comes with a flashlight. The flashlight on our phones is used to illuminate the night but did you know that there are even more incredible things with the flashlight in our phones like blinking its flashlight when we get a message or call. In this post, we’ll find out how do I can blink my mobile’s flashlight.

What’s the point of a flashing flashlight?

If we inform someone that this method can flash the flashlight on his phone the first question the person will ask is “Why would I blink my flashlight on my phone?” or he will inquire, “What is the benefit of this?” The main purpose of the flashlight is to be able to see in darkness, and now you believe that you and your partner are sleeping in your bedroom and then the power source of your house has been cut off. You’re looking to contact an electrician for repairs but you aren’t sure of the location of your phone.

 You searched the bedroom for it, but you didn’t locate it since nobody could see it in the darkness. How do you locate your phone? When you change the settings for the flashing flashlight whenever your friend calls your mobile phone, a blinking flashlight will appear and this is how you locate your phone in the darkness. That’s the reason you should have a flashing flashlight on your phone.

1st Trick: inbuilt feature

The most effective method to blink my flashlight is through the application of the inbuilt feature on your Android device. To enable this feature, you must go into the settings of your Android device. Go to Accessibility. You’ll see an option to hear. Click on the toggle for flash alerts and then confirm it by pressing turn on. Now, your Android device’s flashlight will be lit up whenever you receive an email or phone call. This method is only with Android 9.0. if you are running Android 10 or any other more recent version of Android on your device, this method won’t be effective for you. For Android 10 or later start by going to the settings for the system of your Android device and then click Advanced settings. You’ll see an option to notify users of flash events. Click on the camera’s toggle and you’re good to go!

2nd Trick: Flashlight by using 3rd apps

If these options aren’t showing on your Android device, you can turn off your flashlight by using 3rd apps. There are many applications available on the Play Store for this. Flash alert is a good option and it will complete your job. Install this app on the Google Play Store. After installation, grant all the permissions. Then, you can turn off the Flash Alert feature located at the homepage’s top. There are two options available “incoming phone call” as well as “incoming message”. Select any feature you wish to. Your phone’s flashlight will turn on whenever you receive any type of call or message.

The method for blinking the flashlight on iPhone

This method can only work on Android devices. this method will discuss what one iPhone user can turn on the flashlight on his iPhone. To do this, simply go to settings, then navigate to accessibility. In “Accessibility”, choose audio/visual. After that, turn off your LED Flash for alerts. Keep in mind that the LED Flash for alert works only when your iPhone is locked.


The flashlight is the most basic characteristic that comes with Android as well as iPhone. Nearly everyone uses flashlights for a reason, to be able to see in darkness, but they are not aware of the ways to utilize flashlights. In this article, we will discuss a blinking flashlight, and how can anyone make use of it.

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