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How to turn off Message Blocking?

People use messages Blocking for a variety of reasons but mainly focused on preventing bulk messages from that are aimed at you. If you don’t want any type of message from someone, you can block them. Blocking messages is done for different reasons. In this fast-paced society everybody is working and busy to be successful in their lives. Everyone doesn’t wish to spend time checking messages we don’t want to read. The answer can be “Message Blocking’. The main reason behind blocking messages is to avoid receiving annoying messages from someone else and others prefer giving their careers and work instead of chatting with friends. certain people prefer to be in their own space and prefer to be in a quiet space not interacting with certain people.

Blocking messages isn’t limited to the iPhone and android phones. It is available on all social media accounts that you are aware. We hope that lots of people have encountered this issue. What can you do to block an email when using it for the first time? You should be aware of how to disable the blocking of messages. I’ve used this feature a number of times, in the past when I didn’t want messages from scammers or service providers. Likewise, I’m frustrated by the frequency of messages from a specific contact and decided to search Google for a way to turn off the Message Blocking. In this article, you’ll be able to understand the full information about message blocking for each Android as well as iPhone and experience the peace of your own life with no intrusion from others.

Message Blocking refers to blocking the sending of any kind of text message to you. In addition, if an SMS conversation thread is blocked, it also blocks calls to that blocked contact. The message blocking feature can block text, images inbound and outgoing SMS, as well as MMS. Today, your phone is flooded with text messages and the majority of them are commercial messages. Spam text , where hackers send messages using the link to obtain your information after clicking upon the hyperlink. Sales or commercial texts are messages that businesses and other organizations to their clients regarding their services or products offered.

How to turn off Message Blocking
How to turn off Message Blocking

They employ short codes which is a combination of 5 or 6 numbers and occasionally, long code for sending messages to a greater public. They are Spam messages are blocked, however in some cases they are not accompanied by the number. In these cases we have to figure out how to turn off message blocking for spam texts. Another kind of message that can’t be blocked is when they contain valuable and important information for you . It is being displayed as an default setting in your app for messaging. Certain types of messages that people prefer not to be blocked include:

  • One-time PIN to authorize
  • Two-factor authentication is used for verification(2FA)
  • Security codes to verify the authenticity of your information
  • Promo codes for deals and discounts
  • Meeting reminders for scheduling an interview or meeting
  • For either sale or purchase
  • Delivery and transportation services that are related to shopping online

What does “message blocking active” mean?

The most important reason for the pop-up message “Message blocking is active” is because the sender could be blocking the email address details of the recipient. Another reason could be the fact that your service provider blocked all text messages to prevent you from sending or receive messages via text. If you’re not able for sending messages, a pop-up message will appear in the form of” Free Message: Unable to Send Message, Blocking Active” on your screen. This issue can be found on the case of both Android as well as iPhone. The most frequent causes for this error could be as follows.

Contacts that are blocked

The sender may block the email address number of the recipient to avoid a threatening conversations. In these situations there is no way to send messages to the recipient, and the recipient won’t get any message. Make sure you did not restrict the contact information of the recipient when receiving this error.

Service down

Your service provider could have been able to suspend your messages since your account is in arrears or due to a mistake, and it could be the case that your provider shut down their service due to maintenance. If this happens, call the service you use to find the cause of this error.

Access to premium content blocked

Certain apps on your mobile require premium access to be turned on. Then you’ll be able to send and get Premium SMS messages from your mobile. Make sure that the feature is active on your phone. The steps to allow premium access to your phone

  1. Go to settings.
  2. Click on Apps.
  3. Access Special Apps by clicking at the end.
  4. Select and turn on Premium SMS Access.

The incorrect data plan for message service: Make sure the data plan you chose has a messaging feature, if not you’ll be able to get these errors.

How to fix Message Blocking Error?

The message blocking error is a particularly alarming error since we don’t wish to observe it. Sometimes, we send messages to a significant reason and expect to receive a prompt response. If you encounter such errors, you must use one of the methods below to resolve it.

Verify your numbers are blocked

When you first notice this error in your message, your thoughts should be” Did I block the person to the reason I’m trying to send the message Yes. This happens a lot of times in close friendships due to minor disputes. Visit your contacts, look for the blocked number and remove it to avoid the mistakes. Check to make sure your number isn’t being blocked in error.

Make sure you have checked for your SIM cards and settings for your network

While SMS is compatible with an 2G network, it’s obvious that certain third-party applications require internet connection to function with SMS.so take a look at you’re SIM card is in the right place or inserted correctly and then check whether your phone has adequate coverage on the network.

Verify the storage in your mobile

A lot of times, you’ll have storage issues when you don’t clear your space every now and then. It is also possible to use third-party applications to tidy up the storage on your phone. Clear up around 20% of your space for messages, so you can be sure to avoid these errors.

Active premium SMS contacts

This feature must be enabled since some applications installed on your mobile require access to send and get SMS notifications.

Find the contact phone number

Some people end up being blocked from receiving messages because they saved the number incorrectly. Try deleting the contact and saving the contact number again. If you made a mistake when saving the contact’s phone number, make sure you delete it before trying to save it again on your phone.

How can you stop the spamming of text messages?

While most of us rely in unlimited plans for SMS,, spam texts are still loading on our SMS app on a daily basis. Technology has offered us an easy method of avoiding unwanted messages. Spam SMS messages can be not legal and often framed by a duplicate link that make you believe they are offering you cash prizes or gifts, offers and other products that are marketed to young people. If you don’t recognize the sender, be wary of these messages and follow the directions. There is many spam texts these days, which is not a thing to avoid but is able to be ignored or blocked.

We provide our contact numbers all over the world to contact us with a specific purpose and our numbers are being used by hackers and spammers as well as business professionals. Android or iPhones both come with the capability of identifying spam messages and eliminating some spam messages that are sent to you by default. If you receive spam messages, be sure to adhere to these steps.

  1. Stop the call.
  2. Never respond to such messages.
  3. If you were unable to block that number. Send that message onto your carrier and ask that they block the number for a long-term method of blocking.
  4. Do not click on any link from spammers as it is extremely risky.
  5. Make use of third-party applications. Although Google messages and iPhones can block spam texts by default options , you should have spam protection applications that are more readily than the apps available on the play store and for no cost.

Steps to do message blocking on Android?

To block a particular contact select your preferred message app, or the third-party application you use to communicate. Blocking the user within the messaging app or the contacts app work fine. If you block a user from the messaging app, you can be certain that the blocked person cannot contact or text you again. Here are the steps you need to follow to complete message blocking for Android phones from your messaging app.

  1. Use the messaging app you’re using
  2. Click on the particular contact that you would like to block.
  3. In the upper right-hand corner on the display, you can click the three dots.
  4. Click on the Details .you will have the option to block and signal spam.
  5. If you’re sure to block this contact and report it as spam, click OK.

Select any message that you think are not necessary. These photos are the alternative way to block a person via the contacts app

How do I turn off the message blocker in Android?

We don’t wish to read messages that don’t matter to us. Do you agree? It’s our opinion of who should contact us. We don’t want to receive unwanted messages. There are many methods that allow criminals and unidentified individuals get access to our information, which include our mobile numbers. They are designed to send messages related to sales or credit card offers, loans and offers. Blocking is one of the features. to get rid of unwanted contacts, it is the best solution that both iOS and Android phones offer is blocking. Google messaging and iMessage each do a great job to block spammers. To get rid of blocked numbers from the blocked list, follow the following steps.

  1. Select the person you blocked.
  2. The three dots are in the upper right part of the display.
  3. Select unblock numbers.
  4. Unblocking the app for confirmation that you are able to receive texts or calls from the person you are blocking.

Steps to do message blocking on iPhone?

All smartphones use the same method to block any contact you’d like to. Let’s take a look at the steps to block messages for an iPhone.

  • Use iMessage or any other standard messaging app that you have installed to communicate with your iPhone.
  • Choose the conversation or profile picture that you would like to block.
  • Click here for the details.
  • Choose “Block this caller” from the menu “Block this caller”.

Once you’ve blocked a contact , you are able to examine this information at a later date to find the contacts you blocked and their contact details.

How do you turn off the message blocker for the iPhone?

  1. Switch on settings, then select messages.
  2. Click on blocked contacts to view the number you’ve blocked.
  3. By pressing the X symbol next to the numbers changed the numbers move from blocked to unblockable.
  4. It will prompt you for the possibility of confirmation. Unblock the app.

What are the limitations for message blocking?

Each digital function has its advantages and disadvantages. Blocking contacts is simple and is made simple via all communication channels or third-party applications like text messages, calls WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. You can choose to blocking when you don’t wish to make space for one particular person within your cell phone. So long as your contact is connected to someone else, they will be able to reach you quickly until you stop them. However, certain robotexts or spam messages cannot be blocked the same way as it is with a specific contact. Certain messages are not accompanied by any shortcode, or even a phone number. These messages are not blocked by the message Blocking feature:

  • The free messages sent by third party vendors will notify you about content purchased.
  • Standard-rated messages using shortcodes or at times without shortcodes.
  • Voicemail messages.
  • Wireless Emergency Alerts.
  • Service notifications, like JioPay Service notifications, for example. JioPay Service lets you know that your data plan is running out and tells you when you can recharge.
  • The email sent to or from your @mail address will be reported as spam, but can’t be blocked.
  • Instant messaging or emails on Windows Mobile or BlackBerry devices.


“Turn off blocking messages” allows a contact to go change from a blocked state to an unblocking state. Once it’s unblocked, the sender will be able to send messages to and receive messages from the contact. One of the assets you have is the number you use to contact. Even though we’re far from each other , or in close proximity, we can reach you in a matter of seconds by dialing your contact numbers. It’s among your most valuable assets.

Therefore, you should not give it to anyone wherever you can connect it to the internet. Don’t allow hackers and spammers to make use of it. This article you’ll have a better idea of how to block messages and deblock them on both Android and iPhone. When you block, any alteration is only temporary. You are able to block and re-do the process. However, the same procedure is available is performed when you contact your carrier, they will be blocked permanently.


How to Know If Someone Blocked Your Number?

There isn’t a precise or precise way to tell whether your number has been blocked. But noticing some common signs will help you determine whether the number you are calling is blocking. Sometimes, you won’t be able to tell that your message is being sent, then the first step will be to phone the person to check the tone on the dial. When we call normally it is possible to hear several rings before voicemail will appear. However, in blocked cases, within a couple of rings, you’ll be in a position to hear messages from the voice.

Are there ways to stop text with certain words?

Your phone by default has spam filters and protection options to prevent the sending of spam messages. In a more advanced Android phone, you can access many more tools to block specific text and be able to block more messages. Visit the messages app and choose the settings. Under settings, choose spam filter. In the spam filter there are three choices. One is to add spam numbers, add to spam words and Block unidentified senders. adding spam phrases can help you block messages which contain specific words. Many spammers make use of popular keywords so that you can choose which word to be blocked . This is effective in filtering spam emails.

Where do the messages you block go?

Blocked messages are when you’ve blocked messages from a particular sender. The messages blocked by the sender could arrive on your phone and be saved inside your “spam and block folder”. You will be able to access the messages that were blocked when you need them. The steps for retrieving the blocked message are as follows:
1. Use the messaging app to access your messages.
2. Go to settings, then click “Block numbers and messages”
3. Choose “Blocked Messages”
4. There are all conversations blocked on the site
5. Select the conversation in which you would like to read the messages you blocked.
6. Keep pressing and holding the conversation, and you’ll see three dots appear in the upper right-hand part of the display.
7. Press the dots and you will be presented with an option” Restore”.
8. You will receive texts that you blocked within the normal conversation thread, and the person who was blocked will be able to text and call you back.

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