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Origin Installation Error Code 20:2 on Windows PC- How to fix?

If you’re a regular user of Origin, the famous digital platform developed by Electronic Arts for purchasing video games, you must be no stranger to the occasional glitches and error codes that crop up. One such annoying error that users frequently report is the Origin Installation Error Code 20:2 which typically halts the game installation on Windows PCs. Although such errors can be irksome, understanding their root cause and potential resolutions can prove invaluable in your digital gaming journey. So, without further ado, let’s dive deep into understanding this pervasive Origin Error 20:2, its triggers, and more importantly, the top possible fixes.

Understanding the Origin Error Code 20:2

The Origin Error Code 20:2 often arises during the game installation, characterized by a sudden termination of the process followed by a message indicating “Installation Error: The necessary VC++ runtime 2010 was not installed successfully. Error 20:2”. What actually triggers this error is the unsuccessful installation of the Visual C++ 2010 redistributable package, which is indispensable for running games on the Origin platform.

Fixing the Origin Error Code 20:2

While it might sound complex and technical, the solutions to this issue are quite straightforward. Here are some popular fixes that users around the globe have found to be effective.

1. Running the Installation as an Administrator: One of the simplest yet powerful solutions to bypass the Error 20:2 is to run the installer as an administrator. This offers the program elevated permissions and often solves the problem.

2. Reinstalling Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributables: Anyone dealing with Error Code 20:2 can attempt to reinstall the Visual C++ redistributables manually. This process involves uninstalling the existing files and then downloading the latest version from the official Microsoft website.

Advanced Options for Fixing Error Code 20:2

If the above simple solutions don’t work, there are more advanced options that anyone facing the Origin Installation Error 20:2 can consider.

1. Resetting Windows Update Components: Occasionally, the corrupted Windows update files may interfere with the Origin installation, leading to the error. Resetting these components often solves this issue.

2. Disabling Antivirus Software: At times, the antivirus programs can disrupt the installation of applications, leading to errors like the 20:2. As a solution, you can try temporarily disabling the antivirus software during the Origin installation.

To offer a sense of the magnitude of the problem, numerous gaming forums feature hundreds of posts about the Origin Installation Error Code 20:2, demonstrating its widespread impact. Users, particularly those in the gaming communities, highly appreciate the advancements in dealing with system-generated error codes. The solutions offered here may not just resolve the Error 20:2 but also pave the way to a smoother, interrupted gaming experience.

Remember, while solutions can be shared and discussed globally, the key to fixing issues like the Error 20:2 remains individualized troubleshooting and understanding the unique system requirements and configurations. Let’s continue to navigate the exciting, and occasionally annoying, world of digital gaming, with the comfort of having potential fixes at our fingertips.

Enjoy your gaming, folks, and may the Error Code 20:2 disappear from all our screens!

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