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Rheem Furnace Error Codes- How to fix?

Rheem furnaces are a dependable choice for keeping your home comfortable during those chilly winter months. However, like all mechanical equipment, occasionally these units can encounter errors that affect performance. The good news is, Rheem furnaces are equipped with error codes that help diagnose and troubleshoot problems, saving homeowners both time and money. This article will guide you through the common Rheem furnace error codes and offer helpful tips on how to fix the corresponding issues.

Understanding Rheem Furnace Error Codes

Rheem furnaces utilize an LED light system. The number of times the LED light flashes corresponds to a specific error code. These codes are invaluable tools in diagnosing what could be preventing your furnace from functioning optimally. Familiarizing yourself with these codes can save you from unnecessary service calls and help you maintain your furnace more effectively.

Rheem’s LED error codes can range from issues with pressure switches and limit switch faults, to problems with the ignitor or harmful occurrences of flame rollout.

Common Rheem Error Codes and Solutions

Error Code 33/13: Limit Switch Fault

This error indicates that your furnace is overheating, causing the limit switch to turn off the burner as a protective measure. A reason could be blocked air filters or condensed airflow due to a small duct system. The remedy is to clean or replace your air filters and ensure that all air vents are open and uncovered.

Error Code 10: Pressure Switch Stuck Open or Closed

A malfunctioning pressure switch might be the issue if you’re encountering a 10 error code. Insufficient ductwork size, vent blockages or a faulty condensate pan could be the culprit. Inspect for blockages and correct as necessary or replace the pressure switch if faulty.

Error Code 11: Ignitor Failure

This error code might mean it’s time to replace the ignitor. Before rushing to make a purchase, check the condition of the wiring and gas pressure, as they could also result in an 11 error code. If the ignitor is indeed broken, consider having a professional replace it due to the sensitive nature of this component.

Error Code 31: Harmful Flame Rollout

Often associated with a clogged furnace, this error code is a serious one as it indicates a fire risk. The likely cause would be venting problems or heat exchanger issues. With this problem, immediately turn off the furnace and call a professional for assistance.


Understanding your Rheem furnace error codes can be a sizable boon on cold winter nights when your furnace decides to halt. As valuable as these error codes can be, they are most effective when coupled with professional advice and service. Remember, while some issues can be easily addressed like a blocked air filter, others, particularly those involving mechanical or internal faults, may require hiring a trained furnace technician. Stay proactive and prioritize the health of your Rheem furnace to ensure a warm and cozy home environment all year round.

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