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Why Is Fifa Mobile Not Working-How to fix?

Across the globe, gaming enthusiasts have been grappling with a persistent issue: FIFA Mobile not working. This debacle has left fans frustrated and wondering what might be going wrong. Here we delve into why this may be taking place and provide valuable solutions to rectify the problem.

What Are The Symptoms?

There is various manifestation of this issue. **Players have reported** cases where the game suddenly freezes, crashes unexpectedly, or simply refuses to launch. Some users have reported receiving error messages such as “FIFA Mobile has stopped working” or “Unable to connect to server”. The common denominator with all these experiences is disruption of the gaming experience, causing much distress among FIFA mobile fans.

Why Is FIFA Mobile Not Working

Software glitches often show sporadic and unpredictable features making it challenging to pinpoint the exact cause of the FIFA mobile problems. However, Common reasons behind FIFA Mobile’s failure to work smoothly usually involve connectivity issues, outdated game version, low device storage, and in some cases, issues with the device’s operating system.

A good number of the reported problems point to **server connectivity issues**. This could be a result of slow internet speeds or problems with the EA servers. Another notable cause is running the game on an outdated version. Developers frequently update gaming apps to fix bugs and improve user experience, running the app on an older version could present compatibility issues that would cause the game to malfunction. Additionally, having insufficient storage space on your device could disallow the game from running smoothly.

What Can You Do To Fix This?

1. Checking your internet connectivity: Assuring you have a reliable and fast internet connection is pivotal as FIFA mobile relies heavily on internet connectivity. In the case of a shaky connection, try switching your internet sources or moving to an area with better coverage.

2. Getting the latest version of Fifa Mobile: Regularly update your app from the official App Store or Play Store. This ensures you are running the latest version of the game with all the necessary bug fixes.

3. Clearing up space on your device: If you are facing issues with lack of space on your device, consider deleting unnecessary files or moving files to external storage.

4. Contacting EA Support: When all else fails, reaching out to EA’s customer service regarding the problem could provide detailed technical help.


The key takeaway is that while it can be frustrating when FIFA Mobile stops working, it is usually a result of fixable technical hitches such as connectivity problems, running the game on an outdated version, or insufficient device storage. Understanding these issues and following the outlined solutions can help restore and improve your soccer gaming experience. EA’s technical support team can provide specific assistance if the problem persists.

Gaming should be an escape, a fun experience. Don’t let these common hiccups get in the way of your enjoyment of FIFA Mobile.

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