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3 Games That Can Be Played in a Browser With No Install Needed

As computers have become so much more powerful, and internet connections have become faster and more reliable, we don’t necessarily need to download games to enjoy them. Many people can remember the antiquated system that we used many years ago, having to install games from physical discs, and even then they didn’t always run quickly.

Some people don’t want to clog up their computers with new software, others are playing on a computer that they don’t have permission to install software on. It is usually a lot more quick and simple to play within a browser.

Let’s explore some popular games that don’t need to be installed and can simply be played in your browser.

3 Games That Can Be Played in a Browser With No Install Needed


When blackjack was first played in clubs in Italy and France in the 1700s, few could have predicted the longevity the game would have.

Blackjack is one of the more simple table games, and it doesn’t take long to get to grips with the game itself and the way the scoring works. However, it is popular among a lot of gamers due to the fact that it still involves an element of skill and strategy, allowing people to practice and implement their abilities while playing the game. Slot games, for example, are more about luck, but there is an element of skill in blackjack that is appealing to gamers.

The evolution of blackjack has continued in recent years and has been further accelerated by new technologies. As well as some companies offering live dealer blackjack, the invention, and growth of blockchain and cryptocurrencies have further boosted the population of this browser game. Playing blackjack with crypto online is a good option for those who don’t want to download any software or applications. On top of this, there are added benefits to playing with cryptocurrencies including added anonymity and security.

While you don’t have to play crypto blackjack, and there are options for playing with traditional currencies, a lot of the crypto gambling sites offer modern interfaces and a slick experience. Often, the games can be played on both a computer browser and a mobile browser.


This is a game that has proved to be very popular among all age groups, partially due to the fact that it is surprisingly fun and compelling. It is one of those games you start playing and then quickly realize you have been online for hours.

The very simple goal of this game is to become the biggest snake, consuming the little power-ups on the screen until you become absolutely huge. The longer you play, the more you grow, but if you hit another snake’s body then it is game over and you have to start all over again.

There is a live leaderboard so you can see who is currently leading the way among the thousands of people who are connected via their browsers. The game does also have an app but this isn’t required to play on your computer. It has such simple controls that anyone can start playing and enjoying the game in a matter of seconds.


There are many different platforms where people can play chess online. As well as specific programs and even the ability to play chess within iMessage, if you are looking to play within your browser there are options that can connect you to other real-life players, or you can play against an AI.

Some of the top chess sites out there, including chess.com, have the option to choose AI opponents with different levels of ability, to help you grow and improve as a chess player.

According to UN statistics, 605 million adults play chess regularly. Numerous studies have linked the game with improved concentration and cognitive abilities such as problem-solving, and there is even an elite level of professional players. Some people even make a living out of playing chess.

While some people may see chess as old-fashioned, the game is still extremely popular today, and the fact that you can join a game from your browser or play against friends and family online means that the game appeals to all generations and skill levels. Historians think that people have been playing chess in some format for around 1500 years, and that is unlikely to change any time soon.


There are plenty of other games that are notable mentions, such as GeoGuessr, where players are shown a Google Street View image and have to try and guess where in the world it was taken, or RuneScape, a point-and-click MMORPG that has been going for over 20 years.

Browser games have come a long way, and there is also more choice than ever, allowing people to play games in a wide variety of niches without ever having to download and install software.

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