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Black Widget on iPhone

Some iPhone users find that the black widget is black on their screen. They can’t assign any content or create new content to it. Widgets may be helpful for people who are interested in the information contained within apps. iOS 15 has many new features, as well as bugs.

There are several solutions to this issue, but we’ll show you the best. We will demonstrate how to change the color and add, remove, or rename widgets for iPhone or iPad. To ensure that the black widget doesn’t appear on a black screen.

What does a black iPhone widget look like?

The Home Screen Widget is available on every iPhone. Although Widget does not contain any widget, it contains the iPhone’s customized widget. It’s a collection of many widgets that is kept together in one app.

Black Widget on iPhone

When you don’t have content assigned or defined for the Widget it appears black. If you follow these steps, this problem can be fixed. Continue reading for more useful and helpful information.

How can I fix the iPhone black widget?

We’ve made it this far. Let’s now get to work. We have explained above that we can remove the black screen by assigning it content. As an example, you can choose a photo album with at least one picture and then assign it and name it.

You will then be able see your photo album and can, if you wish, access the photo by using the widget. Sometimes restarting a phone solves the problem. See the How to Restart iPhone tutorial. You can also fix the black widget issue on iPhone using Auto Updates iPhone. You can use this easy procedure to assign any widget you like.

Add a widget to your home screen

You can add a widget directly to your iPhone’s home screen. A widget can only be added on iPhones. Follow these steps to add widgets to your home screen.

These are the steps to follow:

  1. You can hold your home screen for as long as you want until the apps start moving.
  2. Click to open the menu.
  3. You can choose any widget.
  4. Select the desired size and click on Add widget.
  5. You can drag the widget anywhere you like and then click on Add to Home Screen.

I trust you’ll be able create a widget after following these steps.

How can I change the widget’s color?

You can now learn more about how to change the color of your widget on your Home screen. You might not like the color of your widget. Let’s just change it by following the steps below:

  1. You can search for widgets to be added to your home page.
  2. Open your google app.
  3. Now, click on your profile picture in Google.
  4. Find the settings for the widget.
  5. The icon can be tapped at the bottom for color and size changes.
  6. Click here to proceed

Following the above steps, the widget’s color can be modified to suit your preferences.

How to change widget pictures on iPhones?

Sometimes it is possible to get bored of the same theme or color on your iPhone screen. There is a possibility that you want to change the widget picture one day, but are unsure how.

  1. To accomplish this, we will download an app from the Play Store that is simple to use for photo widget.
  2. Once the installation is complete, you can add photos to your library by clicking ‘+’.
  3. For Settings, click the gear sign in the upper right corner of your screen.
  4. You will need to click on photo refresh interval.
  5. Then click on Adjust widgets to the current settings.
  6. You can now close the app.
  7. This step is complete. Next, go to the home screen and press the “+” icon. Search for the photo widget you want and add it.

Here you go. You have successfully created a photo widget.

What can I do to change the level of transparency in the widget’s widget?

This option allows you to alter the transparency of the widget, which will determine how visible it should be on the home screen.

Follow these steps:

  1. Go to your iPhone settings.
  2. Choose widget.
  3. Choose the percentage of degree you want to apply for.

It’s that easy. With these steps, your transparency will change as often as you want.

What do I do to rename the Widget

There are two options to change the name of your widget. Follow these steps to rename widgets from your home screen.

  1. Right-click on the title bar to open the widget.
  2. Click on the Rename widget in the context menu.
  3. A text field will appear where you can type any name you would like to add to your widget.
  4. The title bar will display your personalized name.
  5. You can change the name or delete it by right-clicking in the title bar.
  6. You have two options: You can type again a name, or you can press back and return to the original name of your widget.

I hope this makes it easy for you to rename your widget.

Why are my weather widgets black?

If your weather widget doesn’t show any weather report, you might see a black screen instead. These steps may help you resolve this problem. To begin, hold the widget in your hand and remove it. Then, add the widget again.

You can locate the widget where the weather was previously by adding it again to the widget. If it isn’t showing the correct region after you add it, you can go to settings. After that, you will need to go in privacy. You will then be able to access location services. The problem should disappear after you have completed the steps. If it doesn’t, then update your iPhone or restart your phone.

How can I restore the widgets?

Sometimes, your iPhone update can cause your widgets not to work properly. Follow these steps to restore widgets.

Steps to follow:

  1. First, uninstall any app that contains the widget you wish to restore.
  2. After successfully deleting, you can go to Google Play and reinstall the app.
  3. Once you are done installing it, tap on ‘+’ to bring up all of the apps that you have just reinstalled. Then choose the app you want to restore.
  4. After they are chosen, they will be restored.

You should be able to restore all the apps from your widget by following these steps.

How can I fix the widget smith grey widget on my iPhone?

First, remove the gray widget from your home screen by holding it down and tapping on Remove.

  • Install the widget Smith app on your iPhone.
  • You can choose the size of your widget.
  • Select the type of widget that you wish to add, such as Time, notes and Calendar, or Photos.
  • You can name your widget after you have chosen content.
  • Now you can save it.

Follow these steps to make your widget appear less gray.


We have finally fixed the dark widget problem on iPhone. You don’t have to search your phone for the things you need every day. Instead, you can go directly to your widget to find them. If you’re used to seeing weather reports, you can add it to your widget. You can view it every day on the home screen.

Another example could be that you can keep notes with you and add them to the widget. They will appear on your home screen always. A widget is useful. You can add content to the widget or delete it. The point is that a widget that is black is not necessarily bad. This is because it does not have any content. I hope you have now understood the widget that is in your iPhone. Thank you for reading our article. We hope our site will continue to provide useful information and related content.


Add the Google app widget onto your home screen.

Only iPhone iOS14 and higher have the ability to add the google app to their widget. Landscape mode is available for iPads.
These are the steps to add the Google app widget.
1. First, open your Google app on your iPhone.
2. Touch and hold your home screen.
3. Tap to ‘+’, which you can see at the top-left.
4. Then, click on the google app to add it.
5. To select the size, swipe left or to the right.
6. Click on Add widget.
7. Place the widget in at the top-right corner of your home screen. Tap Done.
These steps will solve your problem.

Customizing your Search Widget?

You can create a widget according to your preference. This means that you can change its size, color or aesthetic appearance. We will now show you how to customize the Search widget.
1. Open your Google app.
2. Click on your profile image.
3. After that, click on Settings.
4. Tap on widgets, then tap on widgets.
5. Select the theme you prefer.
Once you have completed the above steps, you can modify your search widget to make it look exactly how you want it on your home screen.

How can you get useful information about your widget?

Find out the latest topics in sports, music and Bollywood.
You can make your widget appear on the home screen by making some minor adjustments.
These are the steps to follow:
1. Tap the Google app to open it.
2. Click on your profile image, then tap on Settings.
3. After that, tap widgets
4. The Dynamic widget must be turned on.
This will allow you to find information relevant to multiple interests. You can also enjoy the most current updates and stay informed about everything.

Add the Google app to your Dock.

To open the google app from your dock, you can add it to your Google account.
Try these steps:
1. Tap and hold your google app on the home screen.
2. Click Edit on the home screen.
3. Drag the google app to dock your screen.
4. Press the button to continue.
Follow the steps to add the app to your dock.
I hope you find this information helpful regarding the google app. However, you can use other apps to accomplish all of these functions.

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