Hello everyone and welcome to this blog. In this article, we will look about which is package of any background application and it also supports other applications that are accessible on android devices. It does not generate any fault in your device causing errors.  Most of us uses android devices, but we do not know a lot about the backend or how does the processor work. We spend our time on social medias and to access them, the most important is data or internet. But what if your data is wasted on such places or applications which you won’t be using for some time now. That application is Daemonapp.

You must be wondering what is Daemonapp? A daemon does not have a GUI and runs in background. Daemons can be considered as services.  but there is a slight difference between them. A service is a programme that answers to demands from other software and, in some cases, conducts automatic operations without the involvement of the user. Services is like a message that is received when another program of device calls it. Whereas a daemon runs without any hesitation and stoppage. It is a background application that does not require any user hence it can be called non-interactive.   

What is

It is an application package used for news, weather applications. It can be called as a part of unified daemon generally witnessed on Samsung devices. Daemon holds many applications that is continuously running in background thus aiding apps to utilize the resources for better and efficient functioning. Android devices sometimes uses up data for alarms, camera, and other applications. Unified Daemon utilizes data for news, weather, yahoo, stock like applications. These built-in apps of weather need to be updated often, hence they eat additional data running in background. Built-in widgets use programs that call So, basically you lose a lot of data without even using it. Have you ever wondered how can save that data?

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How to reduce data loss?

You can restrict your data that is running in the background.

  1. Open settings.
  2. Go to data usage.
  3. Click on Unified daemon option.
  4. Enable the “restrict data” option.

Unified Daemon Application

This is a built application in Samsung devices that acts a support to many other applications like news, or weather. Those applications that need to be updated regularly. The Unified Daemon application’s data consumption can be lowered by going to the application settings, and then stopping automatic updation. Furthermore, you can change the settings to “update over Wi-Fi only” option to save your data. If you want, you can permanently restrict these applications to use data. Here how you can do it.

How to stop the Unified Daemon App?

We all know that system applications can not be uninstalled. It can only be disabled or forcefully stopped. If any system application like this creates any issue, here is how you can disable it:

  1. Go to settings on your android device.
  2. Go to apps.
  3. You will find an open “System apps”. Click on it.
  4. Search for Unified Daemon application.
  5. Press the “Disable” option and then click OK.

By doing this, you could avoid unnecessary loss of data as you have disabled the Unified Daemon application. After you have disabled the application, there is chance when you will find an error saying “unfortunately” has stopped working. You can resolve this error also.

You can also uninstall this application but for that you must root your android device. Rooting your device is not a preferred option as you will lose warranty and other privileges.

 How to resolve the error that says “Unfortunately has stooped working”?

You can see this error popping up on your device screen quit often; even when you are doing something important. This error is generally visible in old Samsung devices thus pointlessly disturbing the user. To fix this:

  1. Click settings on your device.
  2. Go to the applications or apps section.
  3. Search for unified daemon application or
  4. Since it a system application as mentioned above, you will not find “uninstall option”. But you will a “force stop” button.
  5. Press the force stop button.
  6. Once you have done that, clear the data of the application. Before clearing the data, try and clear the cache as well.

If none of the above-mentioned procedures help, you can try, and factory reset your android device. This will definitely remove the bug from your device, but then again, all your crucial files may get misplaced. If none of the above-mentioned steps have helped you so far, try to reset your device. Back up your data somewhere safe and then reset the device. It will resolve all the gratuitous errors from your device.

  1. In settings on your device,
  2. Click on additional settings option.
  3. Click on “Backup and reset”
  4. Select the option that says, “Factory reset”.
  5. Click ok.


In this article, we came to know about and how this whole process of data saving can be done. It is a built-in application in Android devices, especially Samsung. We have discussed about the Unified daemon apps and how you can restrict your data settings. If you feel like your data is lost more than you are using, you can try all the above steps to avoid it. If nothing helps, Factory reset is the only option left. Hoping this article will help you. Subscribe to our You tube channel. Have a great day ahead.

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