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Error /Usr/Bin/Xcodebuild Failed With Return Code 65-How to fix?

Breaking into the world of app development offers great challenges and thrilling accomplishments. But what happens when the anticipated thrill turns into a frustrating hurdle? Developers using Xcode might be familiar with an all too common error: /usr/bin/Xcodebuild failed with return code 65. This pesky bug can halt progress in its tracks and leave you scratching your head. However, fear not. We’ll delve into the roots of this issue and, more importantly, offer solutions on how to fix it.

Diving into the Error Code 65 Problem

The /usr/bin/Xcodebuild failed error often arises when running automated app tests for iOS or preparing for app publication. This error usually indicates that there’s an issue with the build process that accompanies running tests or building your app in Xcode. While it can be disconcerting, it’s crucial to understand that this error doesn’t signify an issue with your codebase.

Possible Causes of the Error

Several factors could trigger the return code 65 error. These range from errors related to Code Signing and Provisioning Profiles, incompatible devices for testing, to outdated Xcode versions or software glitches. The key is isolating the problem and implementing the appropriate solution. For instance, ensuring compatibility between your app and the device under test can resolve this issue. Additionally, for errors tied to Code Signing or Provisioning Profiles, paying close attention to Apple’s guidelines could save you loads of frustration.

Steps to Rectifying Error /usr/bin/Xcodebuild Failed with Return Code 65

Battling the return code 65 begins by understanding its causes. Once identified, specific troubleshooting steps will get you back on track.

1. Update Xcode: Keeping Xcode up-to-date is often an overlooked solution. Regular updates not only provide new features but also fix existing bugs and glitches.

2. Verify Compatibility: Make sure that the device you’re using for testing is compatible with the app’s minimum required iOS version.

3. Clear Derived Data: Sometimes, old derived data can cause conflicts during the building process. Clearing this data and rebuilding can easily solve these type of issues.

4. Check Code Signing: Ensure you have correctly configured your app’s Code Signing and Provisioning Profile details.

Parallel CI Builds – A Closer Look

One under-discussed subset of return code 65 issue arises in parallel Continuous Integration (CI) builds. When using parallel CI environments, most developers launch a single simulator for every module that requires testing. This parallel testing can occasionally trigger the dreaded return code 65 error due to simulators starting and stopping at nearly the same time. A simple solution to this involves using Bluepill or a similar testing tool that runs tests within one iOS Simulator at a time.

The Power of Community

An essential aspect of resolving the Xcodebuild error is the contribution of the global developer community. Numerous open-source forums like GitHub and StackOverflow feature countless threads related to error code 65. Sharing your experiences in these spaces can provide unique perspectives and solutions to others that enhance our collective ability to overcome difficulties.

Moving Forward, Bug-Free

Facing errors like /usr/bin/Xcodebuild failed with return code 65 may seem daunting. However, armed with understanding and equipped with effective troubleshooting steps, you can turn these obstacles into formidable learning experiences.

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