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How To Fix E8 Error Code Window Air Conditioner?

Dealing with an air conditioner is never simple, especially when you experience an E8 error – a common fault observed in different brands of window air conditioners. This problem may cause your air conditioner to cease its cooling function, leaving your room scorching. The good news? Fixing an E8 error can be a walk in the park if you understand the root causes and remedies to apply.

What is the E8 Error Code on an AC?

When it pops up on your window air conditioner display, the E8 code implies there may be an issue with the indoor fan motor speed out of control, or the fan has been blocked. This signal can also hint at a failure in the indoor fan motor or issues with the controller board. One thing you should know: these errors will stop your air conditioner from effectively cooling your living space.

Things to Check before Diagnosis

Always remember to unplug your air conditioner from the power socket before doing anything. The primary rule for fixing any electronic appliance is to ensure safety first. Once your AC is unplugged, start by scrutinizing the physical condition of the AC. Check for any visible blockages or debris that could cause the fan to stop turning or slow down its speed.

The Diagnosis

Checking the fan motors: If your air conditioner’s indoor fan motor is defective, it can lead to the E8 error code. Therefore, your next step is to run a quick fan motor check. Be sure to assess both the indoor and the outdoor fan motors.

Test motor speed: A blockage in your air conditioner’s blower wheel or a failure in your AC’s capacitor can also provoke the E8 error.

Controller Board: If everything seems to be in order with the fans and there are no blockages, then you may need to look at the controller board, which can malfunction, leading to the E8 error.

Remedying the E8 Error Code

Your remedy will depend entirely on your diagnosis.

Replace damaged fan motors: If any of the fan motors are broken, you’ll need to replace them. This process may need professional help unless you’re a seasoned DIY enthusiast.

Unclog blockages: If you’ve discovered that the problem is stemming from blockages, cleaning the indoor unit might be the only thing you need to do. Free up any debris caught in the blower wheel to get your air conditioner back to its functioning state.

Change your Capacitor: If a blown capacitor is the issue, then you’ll likely need to replace it. This part is usually inexpensive and easy to replace.

Replace the controller board: If your diagnosis points to the controller board as the root cause, you might need to replace it, or enlist the expertise of a professional technician.

Unplugging and plugging your air conditioner back in may help to clear the E8 error code on your window air conditioner after applying the necessary fixes. To prevent future occurrences, routine maintenance of your AC unit is highly recommended. After all, it’s always better to prevent a problem than find a solution later.

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