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How To Make iPhone Talk When Charging

Have you ever wished your iPhone could talk to you and let you know when it’s charging? Well, guess what: your device is cleverer than you might think! With the right settings, you can actually make your iPhone talk when it’s plugged in and juicing up. This feature, often overlooked, can be massively helpful for those with visual impairments or simply if you’ve plugged in your device out of sight and want to be sure it’s charging as it should. In essence, with just a few tweaks, your iPhone can notify you verbally every time it begins to charge, transforming your everyday user experience.

How To Make iPhone Talk When Charging

Enabling Speak Notifications

Your first step in making your iPhone talk when charging lies in enabling Speak Notifications. For this, you need to navigate through the device’s built-in accessibility features. Head to Settings, then Accessibility, and finally Speak Selection. This feature, when enabled, speaks out text that you select on-screen. Not only does it improve device usability, but it also opens the door to making your device speak when charging.

Turning On Voice Control

However, enabling Speak Selection is just the beginning. The real magic happens when you turn on Voice Control— another integral feature that brings your iPhone to life, so to speak. Start from the Accessibility section in Settings again, then go to Voice Control and tap on Customize Commands. Once you are here, tap on Create New Command. A prompt will appear where you need to input a phrase that your device will recognize as a command. To achieve our goal, type in “charging started”. Next, tap on Action, then Run Custom Gesture.

Customizing the Gesture

This feature allows your phone to perform a specific activity each time it hears the command mentioned above. So, you need to create a custom gesture that selects the battery percentage and hence triggers the Speak Selection when the device starts to charge. To do this, on the New Gesture panel, swipe downwards from the top right corner to mimic the gesture that fetches the Control Center. Make sure to save this gesture.

Achieving the Verbal Notification

Now, we are all set for the iPhone to speak when it starts charging. The moment you plug in your phone, Voice Control catches the ‘charging started’ cue, and the iPhone performs the custom gesture you just saved. The battery percentage is selected, instigating the Speak Selection feature to voice out the battery status, thus giving you a verbal indication that your phone has started to charge.

From providing a novel way to confirm the device is charging to making the iPhone more accessible to visually impaired users, this hidden voice notification provides tangible benefits. Not only does this show the prowess of Apple’s accessibility features, but it also uncovers another layer of the complex, intuitive functionality that iPhones offer.

Rounding Off

Just in the last year, iPhone users surpassed a whopping 100 million in the United States alone. Yet, how many of these users do you think are aware of the aforementioned accessibility treasure hidden in their device? Probably not many. Remember, tech devices often harbor a myriad of overlooked features that can enhance user experience manifold. Hence, exploring functionalities and personalizing the settings can uncover a whole new world of convenience and usability, as with making your iPhone talk when it’s charging.

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