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How to reset galaxy buds pro without app

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro have become a popular choice among wireless earbud users for their premium sound quality, sleek design, and distinctive features. While these earbuds are quite user-friendly, there are times when you may need to reset them. The process is fairly simple, even when you’re without the usual app. In this article, we’ll explore how to reset Galaxy Buds Pro without the app and why you might need to use this procedure.

How to reset galaxy buds pro without app

Why Would You Need to Reset Galaxy Buds Pro?

Occasionally, you may encounter problems with your Galaxy Buds Pro such as connectivity issues, distortion in sound quality, or problems with the touch controls. In most of these cases, performing a simple reset may solve these glitches. Resetting wipes all the settings and data, thus returning the buds to their original factory settings.

How to Reset Galaxy Buds Pro without App

Resetting your Galaxy Buds Pro without the app is straightforward. Follow these steps:

1. Start with your earbuds in the charging case: Only start the process once your earbuds are completely charged.

2. Open the charging case: Both the earbuds must be located inside the case for the reset procedure to work successfully.

3. Press and hold the reset button: The button is located on the back of the charging case. Press and hold it for about seven seconds. You’ll see the front LED light blink first green then red, indicating the reset process is complete.

4. Bluetooth settings: On your mobile, go to Bluetooth settings and unpair or forget the Galaxy Buds from the list. This step is crucial for the resetting process to correctly take effect.

After doing these steps, your Galaxy Buds Pro will be reset and you can pair them again with your device.

Troubleshooting after Resetting

After resetting, some users may experience trouble detecting the Galaxy Buds Pro by devices. Rebooting your phone or the device you are trying to connect with your earbuds may help. In certain cases, some may need to keep their device close to their Galaxy Buds Pro for them to be detected.

Getting the Most Out of Your Galaxy Buds Pro

Performing a Galaxy Buds Pro reset without the app can solve a lot of problems, but not necessarily all. Dealing with audio quality issues or battery problems may require more drastic measures, like contacting Samsung’s customer service or seeking professional help. But for common glitches and bugs, a quick reset of your Galaxy Buds Pro will usually do the trick.

We are living in a revolutionary era where technology is becoming more seamless and integrated, and the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro is a fantastic example of that. But like all sophisticated tech gadgets, they may need occasional troubleshooting. By knowing how to reset them even without an app, you can ensure a smoother and more enjoyable wireless experience. Remember, it’s not just about using these devices, but also understanding how they work, to maximize sounds, connectivity, and overall performance.

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