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How to screen share on iPhone discord

Ever since its inception, Discord has been a beacon for gamers across the globe looking for a platform to connect and share their gaming expeditions. From text chatting to voice calling and video conferencing, Discord has everything. With the addition of the screen sharing feature, Discord allows its users to share their screen activity with their friends, a feature that is quickly gaining traction, especially among Apple users. Even so, the question that surprisingly stumps many is: How to screen share on iPhone discord? Fret not, because we’re taking you on a comprehensive walkthrough to answer this same query.

Requirements for Screen Sharing on Discord

Before you learn the how-tos, it’s crucial to understand the minimum requirements for screen sharing to deliver a smooth and user-friendly experience. For iPhone users, iOS 12 or later is recommended for screen sharing on Discord. Likewise, Discord must be updated to its latest version. Once these requirements are fulfilled, you’re ready for the next step.

Starting Voice or Video Call

Screen sharing is coupled with either a voice call or a video call on Discord. Therefore, to share your iPhone screen, initiate a voice or video call. For this, go to the person’s chat you want to call > tap the voice/video call icon located at the top right.

Enabling Screen Sharing

Once the call connects, you’ll see various control buttons, including one for enabling screen sharing. Tap the ‘Screen’ button. Clicking it will lead to a pop-up from which you’ll need to select the ‘Start Broadcasting’ option. The button will then change to red, indicating that you are actively sharing your screen.

The Output

The output won’t always be a perfect screen mirror. Factors such as your internet connection and other users’ display settings play a role in the quality of screen sharing. It’s advisable to ensure your internet connection is stable for a better screen sharing experience.

Ending Screen Sharing

Screen sharing doesn’t have to go on forever. Whenever you wish to stop screen sharing, tap the ‘Screen’ button again. This time, you’ll find the ‘Stop Broadcasting’ button instead of ‘’Start Broadcasting’. Click it, and you’ll successfully end your screen sharing session.

Return to Basics

Though it’s impressive, Discord’s screen share feature isn’t free of occasional glitches. If you encounter issues using this feature, revert to basic troubleshooting methods: ensure your iOS and Discord app are updated to the latest versions, check your internet connectivity, or try restarting your iPhone and the Discord app.

Why Use Screen Sharing on Discord?

There are many situations where screen sharing on Discord can come in handy. Whether it’s broadcasting an interesting game, demoing software, or even dissecting a tricky code, it’s a straightforward, effective way to visually communicate with your audience. According to a report by Backlinko, as of 2021, Discord boasts a whopping 150 million active users every month. That’s a whole lot of potential screen sharing!

As technology advances, so too will our virtual methods of communication. Today, it’s screen sharing on iPhone discord, tomorrow, who knows? Meanwhile, it’s time to connect, share, and enjoy what we have on hand. Notably, such an experience is only as good as we make it, with the depth of our understanding and the ease of our execution. Screens away!

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