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How to Upgrade to Windows 11?

It’s finally official that the new Windows 11 is coming to our devices and we can’t keep calm. If it is the same case with you then we understand your enthusiasm to try out the new version of Windows. The various new upgrades to the UI and the new features packed in the Windows 11 make it worth the hype. The only problem being that some of us have still not got the update officially and have to wait longer to get it on our devices. But we don’t have the patience to wait for something this beautiful. So, no need to worry cause we have got the solution to your problem and everything that’s eating you. You will surely leave this article with Windows 11 installed on your PC.  

Minimum requirements for Windows 11

  • Processor: 1GHz with 2 cores or more
  • RAM: 4GB
  • Storage: 64 GB
  • Graphics Card: DirectX 12
  • Display: 720p resolution greater than 9” diagonally.

Method 1: Official Update List

  1. Open Settings on your Windows 10 PC. 
  2. Click on the “Update and security’ section from the list on the homepage of the settings.
  3. Click on ‘Check for Updates’. 
How to Upgrade to Windows 11
  1. The Windows will check for any obtainable updates for the version in your provinces. 
  2. If from the drop-down list you get an option for Windows 11 update then click on it to download and install the new Version of the Update.

Method 2: Through Windows 11 Installation assistant

Another technique is to Download and mount Windows 11 on your PC if it is not accessible for your device hitherto at that point there is an alternative process where you can physically download and Install Windows 11 in your system. This process is to download and install the new-fangled Windows 11 with the assistance of the Windows 11 Installation assistant.

  1. Go to this link. It takes you to the Windows 11 download page. 
  2. From here you might perceive all the diverse ways there are to download and install Windows 11.
  3. Clunk on the Download Now button beneath the Windows 11 installation assistant segment. 

Method 3: By producing Windows 11 installation media

The next method to download and install Windows 11 is to download and create installation media on a USB or DVD.

  1. Click on this link.
  2. From beneath the banner ‘Create Windows 11 installation media’ clunk on download now. 
  3. Gears you require for producing a bootable USB drive.

Step 1- Setup the power and establish the number I divider as active

Attach the USB flash power for your technician PC.

Expose Disk Management: Right-click from your mouse on Start button and select Disk Management.

Set-up the partition: Right-click on the USB power partition and select Format. Select the FAT32 record mechanism so as to boot both BIOS-primarily founded totally or UEFI-primarily based totally PCs.

FAT32 has a record length constraint of 4GB If your WIM photo is bigger than 4 GB

Click on the partition as active: Right-click on the USB power partition and clunk on Mark Partition as Active.

If Mark Partition by means of Active isn’t at all times available, you may as a supernumerary use disk part to pick out the partition and spot it active.

Step 2 – Duplicate Windows Setup toward the USB flash power

Use File Explorer to identical and paste the entire innards of the Windows product Digital Virtual Drives to the USB flash power.

Optional: upload an unattended record to mechanize the setup process. For superior information, see Automate Windows Setup.

Step 3 – Mount Windows to the fresh PC

Connect the USB flash power to a fresh PC.

Turn at the PC and press the vital thing that opens the boot-tool choice menu for the computer, along with the Esc/F10/F12 keys. Choose the choice that starts up the PC from the USB flash power.

Remove the USB flash power.

If your Windows photo is larger than 4GB

Windows USB deploying drives are configured as FAT32, which partakes a 4GB file extent bound. If your photo is larger than the file size restrict:

Duplicate the entirety also the Windows photo record (sourcesinstall.wim) to the USB power (both drag and drop, or use this command, in which D: is the established ISO and E: is the USB flash power.)

Command: robocopy D: E: /s /max:3800000000

Split the Windows photo record into minor documents, and positioned the smaller documents onto the USB power: 

Command: Dism /Split-Image /ImageFile:D:\sources\install.wim /SWMFile:E:\sources\install.swm /FileSize:3800

What’s new in Windows 11

Security and scanning

The security and secrecy functions in Windows eleven are much comparable to Windows 10. Security on your devices begins off advanced with the hardware, and consists of OS safety, utility safety, and user & identification safety. There are functions to be had inside the Windows OS to support in those areas. This part describes a number of those roles.

The Windows Security app is constructed into the OS. This app is an easy-to-use interface, and syndicates classically used safety roles. For example, you get admission to virus & hazard protection, firewall & community protection, account protection, and extra.

Security starting point consists of safety settings that are previously configured, and equipped to be installed on your gadgets. If you do not know where to start, or it is too time-consuming to undergo all of the settings, then you absolutely have to study Security Baselines.

Microsoft Defender Antivirus is built into Windows, and simplifies defending gadgets the usage of next-era safety. When used with Microsoft Defender for Endpoint, your organization obtains robust endpoint protection, and superior endpoint protection & response. If your tools are controlled with Endpoint Manager, you could create guidelines primarily based totally on hazard stages detected in Microsoft Defender for Endpoint.

Easier access to new apps added to the new Windows

Windows 365 is a laptop at work gadget it accurately is additionally a cloud service. From any other internet-linked device, which comprises Android and macOS gadgets, you may run Windows 365, much like a digital appliance.

Microsoft Teams is covered with the OS, and is instinctively to be had at the taskbar. Users pick out the conversation icon, register with their non-public Microsoft account, and begin a call:

On the Windows eleven taskbar, pick out the alphanumeric digicam chat icon to commence a Microsoft Teams call.

This model of Microsoft Teams is for non-public accounts. For company accounts, all-encompassing of [email protected], you may connect the Microsoft Teams app using MDM coverage, wide-ranging of Endpoint Manager.

Operators can regulate preinstalled apps through the use of the Settings app > Apps > Apps & Features.

Windows 10 vs Windows 11


According to Microsoft, Windows eleven does fairly a few canvases in musing control to desire the app home windows you’ve got open and rambling with exclusive the foreground. This needs to make certain that they get additional CPU electricity over different machine resources. Microsoft honestly inspected this through showcasing how even under 90% CPU load, the Excel app in Windows eleven unfastens up with speed, in spite of the CPU being so busy. The corporation says the equal moreover applies to the “shell” in Windows eleven, which powers the Start Menu and diverse observable possessions.

Additional general performance alterations in Windows eleven contact the means your PC recommences from sleep and grips standby time. Against Windows 10, Microsoft mentioned to that throughout Windows eleven, your RAM can live keyed up while the PC is in sleep mode, so it has power even as the complete thing else doesn’t. This will assist your PC wake quicker as much as 25% faster from sleep.

The decisive of the total performance advancements cool disk footprints and browser caches. In Windows eleven, Microsoft enhanced the usage of compression machineries. In non-important apps like Sticky Notes, the default fee of the app may be a “stub.” What this specifies is that even as the app masses up, binaries from the machine get dragged on-call for lacking encompassing the capability of the app. This can assist diminish the scale of an app at the disk and push much less ancient past replace hobby and down load traffic. As for the browser cache, Microsoft says that it now makes use of much less disk space.


Windows 10 has a conservative tablet style that brands your PC call a full-display Start Menu experience. In Windows eleven, that is uninvolved.

Instead, Windows eleven performs more like an iPad, wherein at the same time as you turn your device to a tablet, stuffs come to be less difficult to contact. You’ll even see an influence below your window whilst you interaction it together along with your finger. Microsoft additionally distributed gesticulations for commencing and ultimate windows, swapping among desktops, and new alternatives withinside the Windows Ink Workstation. All of those aren’t in Windows 10’s tablet mode, which in large part transformed into hard-hitting to arrest for many.

App Store

The app saves in Windows eleven and Windows 10 could be quite akin withinside the future, however with a key variation. Windows eleven’s app save brings support for Android apps through the Amazon Appstore, even nonetheless this day and age no longer withinside the introductory model that’s forthcoming October 5. You won’t get that throughout Windows 10 due to the fact Windows eleven depend upon the brand innovative Windows Subsystem for Android.

The afresh restructured Microsoft Store in Windows eleven, which makes it less difficult to notice apps and movies, will even sooner or later make it to Windows 10, however you won’t get Android apps. The save nonetheless lets you download all Windows apps all over each working system. That consists of Win32 apps, UWP apps, and Progressive Web Apps.

This is a fragment of a better effort from Microsoft to transport greater apps to the Microsoft store.

If you’re probing on the variations among Windows eleven and Windows 10, the prime ones are the Start Menu and the Taskbar. In Windows eleven, Microsoft conveniences the Taskbar and the Start Menu at the screen. This makes it appear a mass extra like MacOS and ChromeOS. However, you may nevertheless pass it again to the left in case you need.

Start Menu

Talking of the Start Menu, in Windows eleven, it’s far a mass extra naïve. You most effectually see a standing citation of apps, detected via means of your maximum frequented files at the bottom. You can amplify out your apps, scroll via the listing, and pin apps as you choose. That would possibly sound familiar, however it’s far essential to word that Windows eleven drops out guide for Live Tiles. If you really need to look at statistics on your Start Menu at a glance, then Windows 10 is best.

As for the Taskbar, word that there are a few large adjustments in Windows eleven while in comparison to Windows 10. Microsoft has collapsed the quest field into an icon, and furthermore eradicated the Cortana features in Windows eleven. If you need Cortana, you’ll want to download the app. Search moreover moves to the middle of the screen, with a floating layout and tabbed arrangement considerable identical to Windows 10.

Even Windows Timeline is gone. Windows eleven drops out that Windows 10 characteristic in choosing Microsoft Edge’s sync ability. The spot in which Windows Timeline was once is changed via the means of Virtual Desktops.

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