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Reverse Address Lookup | Complete Details of any Address

Hello geeks! Welcome again to the geeky gossips on Gossipfunda blogs. How are you all doing? Do you people know that we can get all the details of any address legally and free of cost? Bravo!!! Some smart 🤓 guys already know about this matter. Hey! Why are you feeling low 😞 my friends? As you have explored and reached till this place, you will definitely get to know such smart techniques. You guys are technical-whitz in indeed. And I am your host, dost, friend, a guide to bring new, interesting, technical knowledge to you. So, today’s topic for gossips is ‘Reverse Address Lookup’.

We can make some understanding with the terms in this topic as – something related to looking up for any address. This was the first impression for me. What about you?  Getting any idea or seem to be blank? Ok, let’s dive into it without much talk.

Reverse Address Lookup
Reverse Address Lookup

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What is Reverse Address Lookup?

The reverse address lookup also known as reverse address search, is the way to inquire for the details of any place either a personal space or a business/commercial place regarding the residents, maybe former or present. This whole information can be obtained just by knowing the confirmed and exact street address. Two options are available for this facility. Service Types are as follows –

  • Current Resident – Get the most recent pen name and contact details (if to be had) analogous to the address.
Reverse Address Lookup
  • Address History – If we opt for this type of service, then we can acquire complete contact details for recent and earlier residents. Here we get one more facility of finding new address from the older ones.
complete contact details
What all details does a Reverse Address Lookup convey?

Now we know that we can search for the current as well as recent residents. So, the next question is – what all details do we get to know about any person? Let us have an eye on that too.

What all details does a Reverse Address Lookup convey?

As I told above that you can obtain information according to your wish. If you want lesser details then go for that and if you want complete address history then choose that one. A definitive reverse address lookup would return the following information related to the residents:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Addresses
  • Contact numbers
  • Age
  • Relatives
  • Date of Birth
  • Criminal records if any
  • Mail ids
  • Social media profiles including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, Linkedin etc.
  • Information regarding the place and construction on it like:
  • Total area of the land
  • Area under construction
  • Year of purchasing land
  • Year of construction
  • Number of rooms (bathrooms, bedrooms etc.)
  • Estimated asking price of the building
  • Postal Address etc.

Don’t you feel it amazing? Just a street address can provide whole lot of information regarding the place and the people living there or used to live there. It is extremely amazing and helpful if used for good deeds.

Till this point we know about what all information we can obtain by reverse address lookup. Now, we need to know it’s usage. So, let us move on…

When to use the reverse address lookup?

When I got to know about this term, my first thought was that it can be definitely used for wrong means. Because our society has led us to think in this manner. But the technologies are meant to be proved helpful to the mankind. We usually do a google search to know anything of our interest. But such search engines do not always let us know the needed details. Hence, we have another way that is reverse address lookup. Let us list down possible uses of reverse address lookup that makes life easier:

Know about the property you are interested in buying –

  • If you like any land area or land with construction, it is your right to get familiar with it in all possible ways as ultimately you are going to invest in the property.
  • If it is a commercial land then who all were the owners, what was its value, what is the water level, whether it is legal to land or not, and many such queries.
  • The same is with the home, as what is the area, what type of construction is done means how many bedrooms, bathrooms, lawns, if it is flat, whether it is newly contrasted or someone used to live there earlier.
  • If it is not new then who all lived at that place, what in the surrounding environment, about ventilation, and many more such questions that need to be answered.

So, in this case reverse address lookup can be helpful as just one address provides you whole lot of details.

Cross checking new neighbours for safety purpose

If you get new neighbours so there is nothing wrong in inquiring some basic details about them for the satisfaction of being safe. And if you have children and both parents are working professionals, then it becomes mandatory now-a-days. For this also you can use reverse address lookup. We can be acquainted with the backgrounds of our new neighbours. Most important thing to confirm is that they do not have any criminal history. Also, if you get new paying guests you must set some inquiry for them too. Where do they belong to? Who all are the members in the family? Where do they work? You can also check their social media accounts, their friend circles, and other such basic details. Because these people will surround you 24/7. So, you must take all the safety measures.

Verifying acquaintance

If you have marriage in your family and you want to cross-check that the addresses mentioned in front of the names in your address book are up to the minute or not, or you just want to connect to the old acquaintances whom you have not talked for a long and could not connect to them by any means, you can look for reverse address lookup. It helps you in finding the right people at the right address.

How to do a reverse address lookup?

Reversing an address has different outcomes in different situations. Gathering information about someone who lives at a particular physical address is the owner of that place or works there, are all completely different scenarios. If the address belongs to a house where only a single family resides will be an easy site to investigate rather than the address of a building or an office having many apartments or suites with many people residing or working at the same address.

For example, if your address is an apartment building of any area in San Diego with approx. 500 apartments and there is no difference in their addresses but just an alphabet. Say the addresses be like500A, 500B, etc., on the fifth floor.

Many times, people do not mention that difference in address may be for the safety purpose or they do not want to reveal the complete address or may be the case that they keep address which is convenient for the postmen and delivery boys on the official documents or public track records or accounts. For such documents can be used by corporates for Big Data, Data Analysis, Data Science activities to extract meaningful content from the data.

If you purchase the address book, or scrape it from the web, or get them from any customer firm, it is necessary to cross-check the addresses because paying for the information does not mean that it is absolutely correct, verified and certified. Precaution is always and everywhere better than cure.

Once you confirm the address is authoritative, you can move ahead to investigate further details of that address like pen name, contact details, relatives, social media profiles etc. Finding details without knowing the address is correct or not is totally a waste of time, efforts and sources.

Most appropriate ways to do reverse address lookup

By searching an address on google, you will get some sort of information but not confirmed whether it is exactly right or not. So, it will be better to ask what are the most appropriate ways to do reverse address lookup. Some of the ways are as follows:

  • You can opt for online reverse address lookups but they may also provide you old/ historical information. Also, the possibility is the information provided is recently updated. By I suggest not to trust the details without cross validation.
  • ‘Premium Records’ are the public records that is an alternate for the address lookup. In general, these records are most appropriate but not verified as in. So, as it is still inexpensive to get the details, the accuracy may not be expected to be 100%. Be aware of some companies as you can be a soft target to make earnings without fulfilling your expectations from the amount you are paying.
  • Another way is to hire any professional for this task. This is the costliest alternate but the most accurate one. There are various resources/websites that provide private investigation services or the assisted searches. Searches can vary with the utilities like for landline phone services it is called Utility Search, for electric, gas and other utilities there is Utility Billing Contact info for there is just an address and no other details to investigate. The best possible way for an investigator to know who is the resident at any particular address is to know who pays for the utilities at that address.

So, these are some of the ways I would like to mention on my behalf. Hope this proves to be helpful.


In the above article we discussed another great tool that is reverse address lookup. In parallel to this, there are some other similar tools as well like reverse phone lookup, reverse postal code lookup, by proximity, by area code, direction search, popular name directory, etc. Reverse email lookup is also in use now-a-days. These techniques are of great help in the businesses for expanding the market and advertisement umbrella. Again, as there are always two sides of every activity, such tools are meant for making lives easier. Now its up to us how to approach them.

Hope the article was insightful. This is all for today.

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