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Roblox Error Code 264: R- How to fix?

The immersive world of Roblox has become a spotlight for gamers all across the globe, granting them the power to create, share, and enjoy a multitude of diverse games within its unique platform. However, every fairy-tale comes with its nemesis, and in the world of Roblox it’s the notorious Error Code 264. This error code often crashes the gamer’s utopia, impeding one’s access to the Roblox universe. So how does one fix this Roblox Error Code 264? Let’s delve deep into this issue and unlock the solutions to tackle it, aiding gamers to resume their gameplay promptly and seamlessly.

Understanding The Error

Error Code 264 in Roblox typically encompasses the message “You were kicked from this game: disconnect due to security key match failure.” This essentially signifies an anomaly detected in the user’s account or, in some scenarios, multiple connections from the same IP address. In stressful instances, the error can simply be due to fluctuations in the internet connection and can be resolved with some quick fixes.

An Insight Into Its Causes

Before we focus on the solutions, it’s pivotal to understand the causes contributing to the prevalence of Roblox Error Code 264. The most common cause is attempting to open an extra game tab when you’re already playing a game. The other reason could be unstable internet connectivity affecting the gameplay. Furthermore, if your account has been flagged or reported for violating Roblox’s community guidelines, you might encounter this error as part of Roblox’s security process.

Step-by-step Guide to Fixing Roblox Error Code 264

1. Close Extra Game Tabs: If you are running multiple tabs of the game, make sure to close the additional tabs and refresh the game.

2. Ensure Stable Internet Connectivity: An unstable internet connection can lead to this error. Thus, ensuring a steady and strong internet connection can fix the error.

3. Logout and Re-login: Sometimes, the error can be resolved by simply logging out of your Roblox account and then logging back in.

4. Reinstall Roblox: If the error persists even after following the above steps, it may be necessary to reinstall Roblox.

Check for Account Flags

If you’ve executed the above steps and you’re still receiving the Error Code 264, there is a high probability that your Roblox account might be flagged for violating its community guidelines or its security barriers. In such scenarios, it’s best to connect with Roblox’s Support team to resolve this issue.


While Error Code 264 can be frustrating, understanding its cause and knowing how to resolve the issue can help players regain control of their gaming experience. Remember, the effective way to tackle technical errors is by understanding its crux and executing relevant solutions. For Roblox enthusiasts hoping for uninterrupted gameplay, keep these troubleshooting methods at hand to quickly resolve any unexpected technical hitches.

Remember, the joy of gaming is not immune to the occasional technical glitches but with the right solutions, uninterrupted fun can be quickly restored. Happy gaming!

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