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Snapchat sound not working – How to fix?

Snapchat, the popular image messaging and multimedia app, has carved out its niche in the social media ecosystem, thanks to its ephemeral messages, fun filters, and unique chatting capabilities. But problems can occasionally pop up and hinder the engaging experience, one such being the Snapchat sound not working. Whether you’re unable to send voice notes or hear the roaring waves in your friend’s beach narrative, the absence of sound can indeed impact your Snapchatting exploits.

Understanding the Magnitude of the Snapchat Sound Problem

Snapchat’s sound problems are increasing, particularly among Android and iOS users. According to Down Detector Reports, these issues have grown during the first and second quarter of 2021, further emphasizing the issue’s gravity. Snapchat, in its attempt to provide a state-of-art user experience, is incessantly trying to curb this problem by offering regular updates and suggesting short-term fixes.

Isolating the Causes of Snapchat Sound Not Working

To fix the problem, we need to first comprehend the root causes. The Snapchat sound not working can happen due to multiple reasons, such as individual snap volume issues, network restrictions, device-specific problems or simply because your phone is on silent mode. For instance, if the user posting a snap forgets to enable the sound option, then you wouldn’t hear anything. Instances where specific network carriers block certain app features can also result in no sound.

Step-Wise Guide to Fix the Snapchat Sound Issue

Once we know the causes, let’s get down to the solution. Below are some practical steps to help fix the Snapchat sound not working problem.

1. Check your device volume: It may sound obvious, but sometimes the answer lies in simple solutions. Ensure your device is not on silent mode, and the media volume is at an audible level.

2. Review Snapchat’s settings: Check whether the In-App sound is enabled in your Snapchat’s settings. It’s worth checking this regularly since Snapchat updates can occasionally reset these preferences.

3. Update Snapchat: If you’re using an older version of Snapchat, an update could rectify the sound problem.

4. Check the individual Snap: As previously mentioned, the sound issue could be due to the settings of the individual snap. If the sound isn’t enabled while capturing the Snap, it won’t play back with sound.

5. Force Stop and Re-open the app: Sometimes, merely shutting down the app and reopening it can fix various bugs and glitches.

6. Clear Snapchat Cache: For Android users, this method often works like a charm. To do it, go to Snapchat Account > Settings > Clear Cache > Continue.

Consulting Official Snapchat Support

If the Snapchat sound not working issue persists after trying all the procedures described above, users should seek further assistance from the official Snapchat support. They provide personalized and quicker solutions in most instances since the problem might be account or device-specific.

To sum it up, although the Snapchat sound not working can be an annoying issue, the versatile fixes available make it manageable. So, the next time your Snapchat goes mute, you now have a comprehensive guide to bring back the beats. Stay connected, stay updated, and keep Snapchatting with full gusto!

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