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Destiny Error Code Chicken-How to fix?

If you’re one of the countless Destiny players worldwide who’s been plagued by the infamous ‘Error Code Chicken,’ you understand the utter frustration it engenders. Nothing is more annoying than attempting to engage in an intense online multiplayer session of Destiny, only to be randomly disconnected from the game’s servers. To many players, it’s just another hurdle on the path towards world domination. But what exactly is Error Code Chicken, and more importantly, how can we fix it?

Understanding Destiny Error Code Chicken

According to Bungie, the game’s developer, Destiny’s Error Code Chicken strikes when there’s trouble connecting to the game’s servers. It’s typically network-related, indicating issues with your router, DNS, or internet settings which prevent you from maintaining a stable link with Destiny’s servers. However, this error can also surface due to problems on Bungie’s end, like during server maintenance or unexpected downtimes.

Quick Fixes for Error Code Chicken

You don’t have to be a tech whiz to deal with a Chicken error. Some of the most basic solutions might actually do the trick. The first step you can take is to try restarting your game or console. If this doesn’t work, try resetting your router or switching to a wired connection instead of Wi-Fi. You can also clear your console’s cache or perform a cold reboot, as some players have reported success with these methods.

Advanced Solutions for Error Code Chicken

If the simple fixes don’t alleviate the error, it’s time to get a bit more technical. Tinkering with settings such as your DNS might help. You could try using Google’s free public DNS servers ( and or OpenDNS ( and To do this, you’ll need to access your router’s settings, which usually involves typing a specific IP address into your browser. Remember to research thoroughly before making any major changes to avoid causing more problems.

Bungie’s Involvement in Error Code Chicken

Despite players’ best efforts, there are times when Destiny’s Error Code Chicken persists due to issues out of our control. That’s when Bungie has to step in. In the past, they’ve released updates to patch the error, and their support team provides a direct line of communication for players affected by this error code. Reach out to them via forums or social media platforms, highlighting the exact issue and what you’ve already done to try and solve it.

Is Destiny Error Code Chicken preventable?

Even though the existence of Destiny’s Error Code Chicken cannot be completely prevented, staying updated with the latest patches and maintaining a stable internet connection can significantly reduce the chances of encountering this error. As an engaged Destiny community member, an eseential long-term solution for this error is to keep raising awareness about it, thereby prompting the game’s developers to prioritize and speed up their remedial action.

In the end, Destiny’s Error Code Chicken may be an occasional annoyance, but it’s not a game ender. Remember, Guardians – with a bit of patience and perseverance, we’ll conquer anything that comes our way, including a horde of fallen enemies or a pesky Error Code Chicken. So go forth and continue the fight for solar system domination.

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