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Failed To Save Game Save Data Is Corrupted Elden Ring-How to fix?

The recent release of the highly anticipated Elden Ring has set the gaming world on fire. But, despite its stunning gameplay and immersive world, several players have encountered an unfortunate hiccup – corrupted save data, leading to the heartbreaking “Failed to Save Game” error. This issue has caused many players to lose their progress, instigating an outcry in the gaming community. Amidst this, we’re here to throw a lifeline as we dive deep into the problem and present potential fixes to keep your Elden Ring quest rolling.

Understanding the Error

This phenomenon, known among gamers as the Failed to Save Game Save Data Is Corrupted Elden Ring error, disrupts game progression as it prevents the game from saving. Imagine spending hours fighting through frightening dungeons, defeating monstrous bosses, only to discover your progress has been lost in the abyss. The sinking feeling is something no dedicated gamer should have to face.

The Roots of the Problem

The exact cause of this issue is hard to pinpoint. However, several theories revolving around inconsistencies in either the game’s coding or player actions have been proposed. Possible catalysts might include overloaded or inconsistent network connections, game crashes, or using unofficial gaming patches and mods that conflict with the game’s source code.

Fixes to the Error

Although FromSoftware is likely to release an official patch soon, there are a few potential solutions available to affected players.

1. Reducing Network Load

Since overloaded network connections could be a potential culprit, playing the game in ‘offline mode’ might lessen this issue. This means disabling your network settings in Elden Ring and weathering the game solo, which would alleviate potential network-induced data inconsistencies.

2. Regular Back-ups

Regularly backing up your saved game data can save you from the nightmare of losing significant progress. On a Windows PC, the save data location typically defaults to the “AppData” folder. Players can copy and paste this data to an alternate location for safekeeping.

3. Official Patches and Mods Only

Using unofficial patches and mods often leads to conflicts in the game’s source code. As such, players are advised to use only official patches and mods to avoid this error.

Reach out to FromSoftware

Last but not least, if the issue persists despite exhausting the above measures, sending a bug report to FromSoftware could help expedite an official solution.

Elden Ring’s “Failed to Save Game Save Data Is Corrupted” is indeed a significant setback to the otherwise immersive gaming experience. Our suggested remedies hope to keep you in the loop until an official patch resolves the issue. Remember, with innovation comes iteration – even the best new releases may experience occasional hiccups. In the meantime, keep adventuring and exploring the captivating world of Elden Ring.

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