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How To Change Your Caller Id On iPhone

When it becomes almost second nature for us to pick up our iPhones and make calls, we often forget that these technological gems hold an array of tweaks and tools that can enhance our calling experiences. One such feature is the ability to change your Caller ID. Contrary to popular belief, it’s quite possible to modify what others see when you call them, which can prove essential in preserving anonymity when needed or simply distancing professional life from personal. If you’ve been looking for a way to control what information you display on your outgoing calls on iPhone, you’re in for a treat. This exploration focuses on how to change your Caller ID on your iPhone, pulling the curtains on a less-known, confidential feature.

Understanding Caller ID on iPhone

Caller ID, or Calling Line Identification, is a telephone service which transmits the caller’s phone number to the called party’s line. As Apple discloses, your number may appear either as your name (if they have it saved), your number, or ‘Unknown’ or ‘No Caller ID’ if you’ve made that selection.

Turning Off Your Caller ID

Toggling off your Caller ID is an easy and quick way to make anonymous calls. You can simply go to your iPhone settings and navigate to the Phone settings. Here, you’ll find an option called ‘Show My Caller ID.’ Turning this option off will make your number invisible to the person you’re calling, with your ID appearing as ‘No Caller ID’ or ‘Unknown.’

Modifying your Caller ID with a Third-Party Service

While Apple does not directly provide a feature to change your Caller ID to a different number, you can utilize several third-party services or apps that offer this customization. Services like SpoofCard or Bluff My Call enable users to alter their Caller ID and even change their voice or add background noises.

Please note that these services can be against the law in some regions, particularly when used with ill intentions like misleading someone, so it is imperative to use these responsibly and for legitimate reasons only.

What About My Professional and Personal Calls?

You may be wondering, “Well, what if I just need to keep my personal and professional calls separate without entirely obscuring my ID?” A suitable resolution for this is acquiring a second number through apps such as Burner or Google Voice. These apps provide a second line on your iPhone, allowing you to manage and differentiate between your personal and professional calls effectively.

A Note on Blocked Contacts

If you choose to turn off your Caller ID, you cannot call anyone who has blocked anonymous calls on their device. Such calls will be directly sent to voicemail. To bypass this, you need to turn on your Caller ID again.


In this age of growing privacy concerns, being able to manage what part of your information is visible is an added advantage. Whether you’re a business owner looking to separate professional interactions from personal ones or someone who values their privacy, knowing how to change your Caller ID on iPhone is certainly a beneficial tool to have in your technology-savvy survival kit.

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