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How to UICC unlock without Sprint

UICC represents Universal Integrated Circuit Card. It is an inventive SIM (Subscriber Identification Module) card intended for cell phones and tablets available with rapid organizations. The UICC is liable for recognizing you to your remote transporter administration so your arrangement can deal with your gadget. It can preserve your contacts and gives a protected, dependable, and effective data connection. UICC might be considered an upgrade in the traditional SIM cards. Also, it is needed for a faster data connection. It supports and is used for connecting androids, tablets, and notebooks to connect to a high-speed and secure internet connection. We buy a new mobile phone or reset it for some reason, and then it asks for the UICC password for unlocking the service. In this article, we are going to see how UICC unlock without Sprint.

How to UICC unlock without Sprint
How to UICC unlock without Sprint

UICC unlock

Mobile manufacturers make partnerships with telecom service providers, and in exchange, service providers program their SIM cards according to the manufacturers. This is done so that only the particular SIM card can work its carrier service. Suppose you are using a carrier service, but you don’t want to continue that forever. I mean, nobody would want that; everyone likes change. Also, the carrier may exploit you by hiking prices or cutting off perks you were receiving as a new customer.

A new carrier will give you many unique benefits. You can settle down, grabbing a much-worthy deal with the new carrier. But no carrier will want to lose their customer to some other, and competition is everywhere, remember that. For this purpose, different locks are implemented on the mobile’s ability to connect to the internet. Here, the critical factor being profit. UICC is said to have a SIM application if it is connected to a GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) network. If it is connected to a UMTS network otherwise, then it is running on a USIM (Universal Subscriber Identity Module) app. 

In fact, the UICC works in all portable telecom organizations. It is a sort of keen card innovation. More economical in size than a whole card, it includes a PC, or chip, its information stockpiling, and programming. It is an advancement of the SIM used to distinguish providers in GSM organizations. GSM is the most famous norm for remote innovation on the planet. Your call costs can be kept in check while roaming globally with a list of preferred networks stored in UICC. Having many applications in its repository of UICC is its biggest advantage over SIM.

It can identify various standards like High-Speed Packet Access (HSPA) or Long Term Evolution (LTE) or access to CDMA (Code-division multiple access) networks that are used in recognizing the wireless service provider. UICC is also compatible with communication over internet protocol (IP). SIM cards can only be used with smartphones, whereas UICC can be installed on laptops and desktops as well. 

 Following are the locking mechanism types.

SIM unlocking:

 When your device is locked for only one carrier service, then it is SIM unlocking. Meaning, the device is restricted to be able to use only a specific one carrier service programmed at the manufacturers’ site. This is what SIM unlocking looks like.


MSL is an acronym for Master Subsidy Lock. Here, mobile is developed with such functionality of software which disables the new carriers. It has a unique code for doing that. MSL locking technique can be found in the devices developed before February 2015.

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How to UICC unlock without Sprint?

         Sprint was a company that provides a network for other mobile virtual network operators to use for offering their service. You can trace back the history of Sprint to the early 19th century, where it was named differently. The Sprint stands for Southern Pacific Railroad Internal Networking Telephony, recognizing the long-distance telephony connection along the way.

When you connect your device to a wireless network for an internet connection, UICC acknowledges it. It identifies the device and checks if it is the registered one so that plan services can be determined. It can also restore your previous contacts and settings to your new device once it gets connected to a wireless network. For doing this, it sends some information data to the wireless carrier server to identify the connected device and thus restoring the settings and services. The security offered by UICC is very much appreciated in the tech world. UICC offers 3G, and 4G services on user devices chose by the user himself. 

           Sometimes, smartphone manufacturers may bind the phone to a specific service provider by locking the UICC. This will result in cornering you and force you to use selected network carriers only. If you wish to use some other, then you have to unlock this UICC. UICC unlocking eliminates this boundary with the goal that you have more opportunity over the carrier you’re associated with.

UICC unlock with Sprint is the simplest and straightforward way. But in any case, you are not able to contact them or ask them directly. It is also a time-consuming method to comprehend. So don’t bother, because you are at the right place to know an alternative for that. How to unlock UICC without Sprint can be tricky but not impossible.

Method 1: Using Third-Party Software.


It is possibly the quickest arrangement out there; it works for a wide variety of devices and is applicable almost everywhere. Don’t want to hang tight for quite a long time? This is the most ideal answer for you unlocking UICC without Sprint. You just require to present them with some basic information about the phone, like IMEI number, etc. In few hours, they will send you the code.

DrFone toolkit:

DrFone toolkit can be your other best shot at unlocking the device. It has been a little old in that arena, so all devices may not be supportive, but you should give it a try. Online you can get the list of supported devices. Wondershare’s DrFone is proprietary software, but the trial version is free. Its user interface is very easy and captivative, and the procedure is also relatively easy. Just plug in your device with a USB cable, and under the more tools option, you will find SIM unlocking service.

Method 2: Use Online Website.

         Various websites are available which provide the unlocking password for a small price. You don’t have to download anything, so no fear of viruses or malware downloading and corrupting your system. Some of the most popular unlocking UICC code sites are listed as follows. 

1. Unlock Radar:

           This site is best out there for getting the unlock code for UICC. The site user interface is amazing, and functionality is super easy to use. You just have to provide your brand name and model number and your mobile IMEI number. In few hours, they will mail you the details with the code on how to unlock your device for UICC unlock.

2. Free unlocks:

           This is another yet powerful site for getting the unlocking job done for you. This also asks for the same basic details and information of your device which you want to unlock. What is special about this site is that you can use this site for free once when you register/ sign up for this site. After that, for the more unlocking device, you will have to pay. But for the very first time, it is free of cost.

Method 3: Buy Unlocked Device.

         Buying a mobile is not a hideous task, but such annoying things make you think twice. So do think twice before going to purchase a mobile phone. Locked devices are relatively cheaper, but they will cost you money in the long run if you encounter such a situation. So it is better to prevent something than curing the situation. Prevention is always better than cure, you know. So buy an unlocked device that will be easy to change network carriers when you travel to different places with roaming or tariffs. We would recommend you buy an unlocked device always.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Is there a difference between SIM and UICC?

Ans: There is no fundamental difference between them. UICC is SIM with more advanced and enhanced features.

Q: Is Unlock Radar free of cost?

Ans: No. You have to pay first for getting the code.

Q: Can the carrier charge you to unlock your SIM?

Ans: No. carrier is bound by law to unlock your SIM, considering the contract between you and carrier is still on.

Q: Why is my phone asking for UICC?

Ans: When you try to change your carrier/service provider, the locked mobile phones having UICC installed ask for a UICC code.


           Everybody is striving for success and more money. Competition is rising to the sky. Every industry is striving for more profit, finding ways to generate more money. This sometimes makes the work of consumers a little bit difficult and complex. But don’t worry, every problem has multiple solutions just like this one. UICC unlock is a problem for a normal user to handle with, but we are here to keep you updated. Different ways are described here for your service, and in this way to UICC unlock without Sprint is done. Please comment on what method has worked for you. Also, post queries, if any, in the comment section. Thank you..! 

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