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Chevy Bluetooth not working

If you face any problems with your Bluetooth connection, I will tell you about the exciting tips for avoiding the issues first of all, before you worry about it. You should review and read this content. Here you will get so many reliable tips so that you can come out from your Chevy Bluetooth not working problems. 

You are thinking of connecting your android or ios device to your vehicle to enjoy with music. But you’re in trouble. No worries, let’s try to learn some strategies. It would be best for driving if you connect your Bluetooth to your vehicle. You will do hands-free calls and listen to music.

It is a great learning point for everything you must know about all the things you use regularly. Chevy Bluetooth is one of them. We use it regularly. Sometimes we connect our Bluetooth to our vehicle while driving. 

We use it in our home also. While doing our housework, most of you like to listen to music. So you should know how you can connect your speakers to your Bluetooth device. Before working with any device, we need to study that device. 

Chevy Bluetooth not working
Chevy Bluetooth not working

What is chevy Bluetooth?

It is a type of wireless Bluetooth on your mobile, which allows you to make hands-free calls and connect to the Chevrolet my link multimedia system. It connects your mobile device to the Chevrolet Mylink system.

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Where do we see it?

You must know that our mobile phones have a connectivity tool which is Bluetooth. We see it on the settings of our device. You can turn it on and connect with other devices. As I told you above, it is wireless Bluetooth. So you do not need to think about wires for it.

Why do we need chevy Bluetooth?

If we come to the topic of what is the need for Bluetooth. There are various places where we can connect Bluetooth and where we need it. But one is the common uses of it. Most of the time, we use Bluetooth to communicate with wireless speakers and smartphones also.

Where do we use chevy Bluetooth?

The need is the same as the use of anything. When we have to need any device, then we use that device. Now you can understand it easily. When we need Bluetooth at that time, we use it. So finally, while driving, we need to connect Bluetooth to our car. It is also an example of the use of chevy Bluetooth.

The advantage of connecting Bluetooth in our vehicle is that we will not have to use our hands to take the mobile phone to talk with someone. We can do hands-free calls.

The functionality of chevy Bluetooth

Before we think of using Bluetooth, we have to understand its functionality and some such questions. For example, How we can enable it. Where is the option to allow Bluetooth?

Now let’s go to understand the functionality of chevy Bluetooth –

First of all, check if your phone has activated Bluetooth. Then Ok. otherwise, start it.

  • Go to your Mylink screen
  • Click on phone
  • Next, Click to connect the phone
  • Click to add phone
  • Open your mobile phone
  • Go to the Bluetooth menu
  • Select the “Chevrolet MyLink System.” Next find the confirmation PIN of the Mylink screen on your screen.
  • Find the pairing button. Tap on it.

How can you connect chevy Bluetooth to your vehicles?

Those are the specific guidance that we have observed above. It would be best if you read the above-discussed guidance. Using those instructions, you can connect your chevy Bluetooth to your vehicle. It is beneficial to connect your car to your Bluetooth because you can drive your vehicle continuously without any interruption of your phone calls.

What are the troubles you face in it?

When you connect your device or vehicle to Bluetooth, there can be considerable problems in which we will discuss the issues.

Some problems may occur, sometimes the audio can happen, your device’s pairing can fail, a connection can be a disconnect. But these are not so that you always face problems. These types of issues you face sometimes. But not every time.

Why can’t I connect my vehicle to Chevy Bluetooth?

Suppose you are not able to connect Bluetooth to your vehicle. It can happen with less connection problems. You will face difficulties in connecting your chevy Bluetooth to your cars.

  • Restart your device.
  • Again connect Bluetooth to your vehicle.

By chance, it will not work. Then try to follow the steps below.

  • Unpair your vehicle to Bluetooth.
  • Delete your device from your car and delete the pairing of your car to Bluetooth.
  • Do a pair of them again. 

Chevy Bluetooth is not working

There may be many reasons for stopping your Bluetooth connection. Sometimes, it can be controlled by connections. Make sure your connections are established correctly.

Check to take your device’s battery because some devices contain an intelligent feature when the device’s battery seems to be below. It will disconnect your device connection from the connected device and turn off your Bluetooth.

Finally, your connection gets broken, your device can not connect to Bluetooth. When connecting Bluetooth to any vehicle or any other device, keep the point in your mind—in comparison, connecting your Bluetooth to the car. Make sure your device has a good level of the battery.

It is a function that works to check the battery level on your phone. If the battery is low, it turns off Bluetooth so that the connection will break and the connected device disconnects your Bluetooth.

 It is called a power management function because it checks the power of your device, and according to the level of the battery, it turns off the Bluetooth connection.

Chevy Bluetooth not working but connected

Let’s know what could be why your phone says that Chevy Bluetooth not working but connected.

When you connect a device to your Bluetooth, It may be out of the range, due to which there is no pairing in between both of them. Suppose you want to connect your Bluetooth connection again, then reset your Bluetooth. Try to reconnect it. You will not face the problem.

How do you reset your Bluetooth on your phone?

By the way, if you have understood this article completely, you will not have any problem. Still, if you face a problem, you can reset your Bluetooth on your device using the below instructions.

Because a Bluetooth connection is a wireless connection, it does not need to do something more to reset as you do for a wired connection. 

Two to three times, turn off your Bluetooth and turn it on again. In the same way, you can reset your Bluetooth repeatedly. After resetting it and then connecting it to your Vehicle or Device.

We are going to tell you about the steps which you have to follow to reset your Bluetooth.

Steps to reset Bluetooth –

  • Go to setting
  • You will see a button to turn on or off it

Turn on or off your Bluetooth 3-4 times to reset it. 

How do you fix the Bluetooth pairing problem?

If you cannot pair any device with your Bluetooth device, then it will not be connected, so it is an important question to take an idea. Then let’s read about it first.

And go to your device’s settings and see it. Check the Bluetooth option to check whether your Bluetooth is on or not. Then in the connected devices, you will get the name of the connected device to your Bluetooth.

Suppose you will not get the paired device name. You have to restart your device then reconnect it. It will fix your Bluetooth pairing problem.

Guys, it is easy to activate your chevy Mylink with the given instructions. Start to read from the point and, step by step, complete all the instructions.

  1. Push the phone button on your MyLink screen.
  2. Choose the “Pair Device.”
  3. Choose “Chevy MyLink” from the phone’s Bluetooth menu.
  4. It will display a PIN message on your phone — you need to enter this PIN number into your vehicle’s touchscreen.
  5. Tap on the “Yes” button on the MyLink screen

Using Mylink is easy. You will see your device’s features on a colorful touchscreen display and listen to the music, Entertainment and attend phone calls.

If you don’t know how to use Android auto, then you will have to download the application from the Google Play Store. Once you’ve completed the installation of Android auto, then create a connection of your phone with chevy Bluetooth using the USB port.

Finally, an Android auto app will be launched on your device automatically.

To Updating Chevy MyLink Software, first of all, You have to download and install the latest Chevrolet Mylink software to update your Chevy Mylink on your vehicle.

Check on your system. If there is any update available for Mylink, then update that to avoid connection-breaking issues. Your vehicle will automatically install the program.

Be aware to update the latest software version on your phone. If you’ve done the entire process to update the latest software. Still, you are facing issues in Bluetooth calling, try to disconnect your mobile from the paired devices list on the touchscreen of your vehicle. Then again, create a pairing in between both of these.


Finally, we have reached the endpoint on today’s topic. Let’s end the discussion. But ending the debate, let’s take a quick review of all discussed topics. We have understood all the written points here correctly.

You people were troubling with many errors while connecting your chevy Bluetooth to your car. For example – connectivity of your car and Bluetooth. What is the reason for getting the errors for not working your chevy Bluetooth?

We found possible solutions to fix the issues. We have written precise answers and points here. 

You’ll not face problems regarding written instructions.

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