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How to level up in World of Warcraft and what to do in the Dragonflight update

World of Warcraft is one of the most interesting and vibrant MMO RPG projects in which you need to level up your hero, defend the interests of the chosen faction in a big conflict, study the skills and specializations of professions, grind and win raids in order to ultimately get WoW boosting and go to the dragon islands to explore new content.


The first thing you will encounter in World of Warcraft is a system of quests, tasks through which the developers from Blizzard will teach you the basic game mechanics and features and help you get better acquainted with the project.

Through quests, you can get the most stable World of Warcraft boosting, because you will be given clear tasks and the reward that you will receive for completing them will be initially fixed.

Whether you are an attacking hero or an auxiliary one, you will complete tasks at a different pace, but you will get the same final result.

Of course, heroes who have stable damage are much more profitable to grind and hunt, because they will kill more monsters and earn more rewards due to their speed and damage, but support classes are better off focusing on quests, because for them this is the only way to receive WoW boosting and experience is stable.

Grind and hunting

If you like to attack monsters, and you like the process of hunting and destroying enemies for the sake of experience and gold, as well as resources, then the grind format is suitable for you.

For the hunting process to be more profitable for you than the quest system, you need to have high damage and the potential to destroy a large number of monsters in a short period of time.

If in one hour of real time you can get a higher, or at least equivalent, level of experience than through the quest system, then grinding is ideal for you.

This is usually fun for attacking characters, or groups of heroes, who help each other get WoW boosts simply by gathering large groups of enemies and destroying them with massive or concentrated damage.

These are archers, magicians, robbers and other heroes with strong and stable damage; a tank with taunt will help gather monsters into groups faster.

By destroying monsters in large quantities, you will provide yourself with a cheap World of Warcraft boost.


Despite the fact that raids are primarily aimed at obtaining rare and unique items of equipment and weapons, due to great efforts for defeating each boss you will receive an increased amount of experience.

There are three types of raids in total, which open gradually after completing the previous difficulty level.

So, having completed the regular raid format, which is considered introductory, you will gain experience and open the next, heroic format, which will be more difficult in terms of the boss’s health and the frequency of special attacks that will be applied to a group of players and to each individual.

The most interesting, difficult and profitable format lies in the Mythic difficulty level, which will require players to fully concentrate and control all the attacks and skills of the boss, otherwise you can easily be defeated and all your efforts to get a WoW boost will go to waste.

In general, the raid system is an alternative opportunity to gain experience and valuable equipment, and those who play with a full team can fully concentrate on the raid system as the source of all key valuable resources without the need to engage in grinding, quests and other activities, but simply follow the action path until you reach Dragonflight updates, and you won’t start completing new raids, including Abberus.

Discovery of the Dragon Island

The new territory that appeared with the Dragonflight update will be open for exploration and access through a system of ports for both factions.

You need to get level 60 through quests, grinding, or WoW boosting and sail to new lands from any major port that is controlled by a representative of your faction.

Upon arrival on the island, you will immediately become familiar with the situation and understand that there are actually 4 islands and each is related to one of the types of dragons.

You will complete quests from local researchers and historians to get WoW leveling to level 70 and find out the secret of the disappearance of black dragons and the reason why centaurs and giants attack other dragons.

When all the quests are completed, you will be taken to the capital of the islands and the main city, which unites the culture of each type of dragon.

Here you will find new auctions and an order table – a place where masters of various crafts can fulfill the requests of ordinary players and receive gold for their skills.

This approach once and for all solved the problem in which it was possible to buy from other players an item no higher than the green level of value due to the fact that they cannot be transferred, but now, thanks to the order table, you can order an item of any quality and become its rightful owner bypassing the system, since you are initially the owner of the item by right of order.

Otherwise, 4 islands full of new resources and sources of knowledge await you that will help you learn new skills and professions.

After completing a series of story tasks, you will be able to discover new flight mechanics with complete freedom of action and choice of the point where you want to get to with your new pet, and you will be able to tame one of those dragons that you encountered while exploring new lands.

In the future, new raid systems will become available to you – Abberus and the Lost Temple, which will be supplemented with new rewards and rooms, and you will need to master new mechanics along the way, because some of them have never been seen before in World of Warcraft.

As a reward, you will be able to receive unique items, including the Onyx Ring – an item that has received a number of deterioration, but is still an excellent accessory with a high stamina reserve and the ability to insert additional gems with unique characteristics of your choice.

For example, warriors will be able to ignore armor from jewelers and deal more damage to all targets and receive faster World of Warcraft boosting.

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