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Moto E Water Damage

To protect this device from harm, we take many preventive measures. But still, once in a while, it may happen that your Smartphone will find itself in trouble. What happens when your mobile gets damaged by water? Water is something everyone tries to be careful about when it comes to their mobile phones. But it may happen to you that you are on a walk and it starts raining, and you’ve nowhere to hide. Your mobile will surely get damaged by rain droplets. But your android mobile manufacturer knows about this. So today’s mobile brand companies have come up with a solution to make the smartphones water damage-free. One such company is Motorola. It has launched Moto E, a mobile series which the company claims is water damage-free. So today, we are going to see Moto E water damage fixes and precautions.

           Nowadays, mobiles are doing wonders in terms of computational capability, aiding in a business presentation, storing important information, and securing your job. Android has changed the face of technology and telecommunication as we know. In the world of smartphones, many companies have launched various technologies and services to attract customers. The user wants many features in their android at a low price. An average user does not use mobile for only calling and YouTube purposes. Also, not only for selfies and social sites to connect loved ones, friends, and families. Mobile has evolved since the day android came into existence. For such important things, manufacturers are also improving the facility in terms of features and services in android mobile phones.

Moto E Water Damage
Moto E Water Damage

Such one improvement is producing water-resistant smartphones. You must have heard Samsung, Redmi, Apple, and OnePlus to name a few. One such mobile brand that manufactures water-resistant phones is Motorola. Its E series mobile phones are waterproof, as claimed by the officials of Motorola. So let’s have a look if Motorola E is waterproof. Also, we will see what safety measures we should take if your mobile phone gets water damaged. What are some ways we can implement as a precaution so that we don’t get into trouble in the very first place? But before that, we would try to understand what a water-resistant phone is and how it works.

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What is a water resistance phone?

           When we say a water-resistant smartphone, smartwatch, etc., it is the ability of the device not to let water enter inside. The good is designed in such a way that it would be difficult for water to enter into the device. Some people use water resistance and waterproof interchangeably, but there is a huge difference. The difference is waterproof means no matter what the circumstance is, water or any liquid substance will not get inside the device, ever. But no smartphone can do that because no matter how much time you are underwater with a device, all the water repellent mechanisms will fail eventually. So the water-resistance term is more correct in pretty much every scenario.

How to decided that a device is water-resistant?

Now, the next question is how it is decided that the device is water-resistant?

How to decided that a device is water-resistant?

           The International Electrotechnical Commission, aka IEC, sets the standardized tests for water resistance. These are called as Ingress Protection (IP) codes followed by two digits. It is a widely used way to rate an electrical device’s water resisting capability. For example, suppose a mobile has a rating of IP68. In that case, that means the first digit denotes the dust protection rating and the second digit denotes water resistance, in which this example has a rating of 8. 9 is the highest rating for the water-resistance test. If the IP water resistance number is X, then it means it is not tested for water. If it is 0, then the mobile has no water resistance capability at all.

Now I would like to break down some myths or misconceptions here. If two different mobile brands or the same brand but different models have the same IP score, it doesn’t mean that they both can survive the same exposure of water depths and duration equally. Yes, the depth of the water body mobile submerged into and the time duration it’s been in that condition matters. It also differs from model to model and manufacture to manufacturer. For instance, Apple’s iPhone 11 and all of the iPhone 12 models and Samsung Galaxy S21 and S20 FE have the same IP68 rating. 

But iPhone 11 can be submerged in up to 2 meters of water. However, iPhone 12 can handle up to 6 meters of depth. On the other hand, Samsung Galaxy S21 ultra and S20 FE can be submerged up to only 1.5 meters. As mentioned earlier in this section of the topic, it varies from mobile to mobile. The pressure of water also matters here; take note of this.

 After knowing the basics, let’s move forward with our topic. Even read: How to fix cracked unresponsive touch screen

Moto E Water Damage

         Working on a mobile with having a cup of coffee or a glass of water is not that uncommon. And I can assure you that almost all of us have at some point spilled a drink or coffee on our smartphones. So what should you do after this act of spilling? You should take this precariously and respond instantly. If left untreated for long can cause a serious series of problems. So today, we are going to see some fixes and precautions for our mobile Moto e from water damage. If some drink gets splashed, or the mobile is dipped in the pool, or a bucket full of water, then what to do.

Things to do if your Moto E mobile is splashed or got soaked in water:

  1. The first wise thing to do is to remove it from the water-dipped bucket or any source of water. Each moment of water exposure diminishes the Smartphone’s odds of surviving the ordeal.
  2. If it is still on after water contact, turn it off as soon as possible. Don’t wait there checking mobile if it is working or not. If the splashes of water have been on the screen only, then no need to panic much. Just wipe them off nice and clean with a dry towel or paper napkins. Let it dry for some time, and when you are assured it’s completely dried, only then turn it on.
  3. If it is plugged into the charger, then turn off the power supply and immediately remove it.
  4. You see any smoke or fire, don’t go near the phone and make sure that no paper or clothing is near the phone. Also, watch out for any other electrical appliances near mobile.
  5. If no sign of fire or any smoke is detected, then only remove the battery, external memory card storage, if any, and the sim card/cards from the mobile after turning off.
  6. Put everything you disassembled on a dry cloth.
Things to do if your Moto E mobile is splashed or got soaked in water
  1. You can likewise attempt to eliminate the fluid with a little hand vacuum. Be cautious and set to the most reduced intensity level. The cell phone ought not to be whirled. You can also tilt or shake lightly to drain out the water.
  2. Take a plastic bag full of uncooked rice.
plastic bag full of uncooked rice
  1. Then put your Moto E mobile phone in the plastic bag and airtight seal it. Bowl will also do the work if there is no plastic bag. Keep it that way for a minimum of 24 hours or two days would be great. This will absorb the most moisture out of it and will give the mobile time to recover from the horror it has gone through.
  2. After the drying process is completed (according to you obviously), put the mobile pieces back and try to turn the phone on. See if it powers on normally.
  3. You can also consider drying it off by vacuuming and/or blowing air to specific mobile openings either by a fan or any air source. You can also use your laptop or TV’s exhaust fan use do cool your device. Just place the mobile at such an angle where the water should go out of the mobile. Make sure that you are not pushing the water further inside.
  4. If rice is not handily available or you are out of rice, then silica gel can also be very helpful here. It is also an excellent water absorber and will surely pull out the moisture stuck in your Moto E mobile phone.
  5. Instant oatmeal will also do the trick. Oatmeal is good for your health and surprisingly for your mobile as well. They can make the health of your phone much better by absorbing the moisture out of it. The procedure is the same as that of rice.
  6. You can also use a drying agent to dry off your mobile phone and its removable components. Just place your mobile phone along with its battery (if it’s detachable), sim cards, and memory card in a plastic box. Add any drying agents until it covers your mobile phone all the way up. Please keep it for a minimum of 24 hours so that it can take every last water drop out of the system. We would recommend keeping the mobile for 48 hours. After the time duration suitable to you, check first if the mobile and battery have dried completely. If not, don’t take any chances of powering on the mobile anytime soon. Just let it dry for another 24 hours and remove the drying agent and pour new.
  7. There are repair kits available online for such situations. It would be best if you had them in case of such fatal emergencies.

Prevention from water damage:

  1. In the rainy season, it is not always possible to say when it will rain based on weather conditions. So it is advised that you should keep an umbrella or raincoat with you for your protection. Just like that, you should also keep a plastic pocket bag for your mobile in case of such an emergency. It will protect your mobile from rain and dust too.
  2. If raining start suddenly and you don’t have any protective cover for your mobile, then put it in your back pocket. Take shelter to save yourself and your mobile from rain.
  3. Never keep any liquid stuff near mobile phones or laptops or an electromechanical device.
  4. If you have any bag with you by chance, then put the mobile in the bag in case of raining.
  5. Always keep a ziplock bag and silica gel sachet with you if the time comes and you need them. Purchasing a ziplock is truly financially savvy and is easily accessible.
  6. Sync all your accounts and always keep a backup uploaded to the cloud service like Google Drive and Dropbox. Just in case your device gets wet and not restarting or something, this will help you to have access to all of your data.

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           Monsoon comes with many problems. Water is a lifesaver and sometimes a trouble maker for you. You get wet in the rain, then most probably you will get sick too. Just like you, mobile phones are equally vulnerable, or for that matter, every electrical and electronic device. We need to take some precautionary and preventive measures. Also, while working, never use or have any watery substance near you. This will add up the months or maybe years to the life of your mobile phone. Thank you..!

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