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How to fix cracked unresponsive touch screen

An unresponsive, cracked touch screen is a problem faced by many. How to fix cracked unresponsive touch screen? This is a common issue that users face, and according to facts, most end up buying a new set. You can also resolve this at home, in your comfort. Going to a service center can cost you as much as a lovely outing you have been longing for with your friends. This article will save you a lot of pence. The common reasons why your screen is unresponsive could be a virus or some days you let it fell off while your mind got engaged. I think it just went for a bath while you were sipping some wine. But don’t get in a fluster. Just follow the steps. 

All the methods you will find in this article work 100%. It has saved many from the trouble of going to a service center and wasting their time. They are absolute magic tricks. If you got a new phone, but your older one is relaxing in some cupboard for years, you might want to try this out. And once you get the results, your mom will think that you are a genius. Even these times are hard to go out, just to repair screen. So try to fix it with me in this article and save yourself from the virus outside.

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How to fix cracked unresponsive touch screen
How to fix cracked unresponsive touch screen

How to fix cracked unresponsive touch screen

 If you are here because you just broke your dad’s phone screen and you think you are so dead if he finds out. Carry on, scroll down. 


  • Get a USB On- The- Go (OTG cable).
  • Get a mouse.
  • Now, connect your phone and mouse with the OTG cable.
  • Your phone screen will now have a cursor.
  • Use the cursor to do all usage of your touch screen.


  • Get a lighter (or) a gas stove lighter.
  • From the lighter, take out the part shown below in the figure (electronic ignition).
  • Find out the parts of the screen which are unresponsive.
  • Now, hold the electronic ignition and press it from both ends. Make sure the wire touches the unresponsive part of the screen. Repeat this approximately 3 to 4 times. You can also use the gas stove lighter, and it works the same.
  • You are ready to use the touch screen as a new one.

Now don’t start sparking everything dead to see if it comes back to life. I will explain to you the science behind this technique.

We have a capacitive touch screen, so we just pass around 80 V from a piezo igniters’ or a gas stove lighter. It works quite similarly in the way that the telephone line works. The telephone line works on and around 50 V. When there is a weak short, they try to put higher voltages on the line. Our lighter techniques work in the same way.


  • Turn on the phone with the power button.
  • Touch screen of the phone is unresponsive.
  • Turn off the phone and take apart it.
  • Disconnect the battery and remove the display assembly.
  • Get a new display assembly installed.
  • Again, turn on the phone.
  • Touch screen of the phone is responsive this time.
  • This is a best way to fix cracked unresponsive touch screen.


If your phone does not have any cracks or it has never fallen, but you have an unresponsive screen. It could be a minor problem. Try fixing it by restarting your phone. It works for most of the cases where the phone was not damaged. If this does not work for you doesn’t get worked on, try the next one below.


When restarting doesn’t help, try pressing the power button with the volume down button. Hold it with patience. You can also try volume up, volume down, and power all together.


Sometimes, you might as well get a different type of unresponsive screen where you are not able to open or work perfectly with a touch screen, and other apps automatically get open. It is referred to as a ghost problem or sometimes a hang problem. Follow the steps below to fix it:-

  1. (Go to Google chrome.
  2. Search for mobile phone touch panel check code. You will find the touch panel check code for all phones. 
  3. Search for your model in particular. For example, Red Me Y2 has *#*#6484#*#*. Dial the touch panel check code for your phone.
  4. Choose a touch panel.
  5. If the boxes get colored, then it’s working fine. It will not get colored where the screen is not working.
  6. Go to Google Play Store and search reachability one-handed mode mouse pointer or just reachability cursor.
  7. Install the Application(Size-2.8 MB)
  8. Allow-> Open
  9. Toggle on the Accessibility Setting
  10. Click on more Downloaded services.
  11. Toggle on the Reachability Cursor option and then click ok
  12. Now, Use the reachability cursor to access those part of the screen which is not working.


  1. Go to the settings of your phone
  2. Find Accessibility and select it.
  3. Now find Magnification in Accessibility
  4. OR Search Magnification in the settings.
  5. Click Magnification select
  6. Select Magnify with triple tap and enable it.
  7. Now click three times on the display screen and move/control the screen using two fingers.
  8. Click three times on the display screen again to disable it.


  1. Go to Google Play Store and search Dead pixels Test and Fix.
  2. Please install the Application and open it.
  3. Click the check for dead pixels button.
  4. A new screen appears.
  5. On the new screen, find the auto button and click it.
  6. Now, you will see different colors on your screen.
  7. If you found dead pixels, Go to the Home page and click Fix Dead Pixel.
  8. Now click Start.
  9. Now, you will see different patterns and colors on your Smartphone because the app is resetting your pixels.
  10. And after a while, it’s all set. Now challenge me on pubg.


If nothing works, you can always go to the service center. Some smiling, over-worked faces will greet you. Charge the bucks that you saved for shopping. But you will always get your phone in proper condition. So, if you do not have few minutes to spare because of the innovation, you have got your brains into it. Give your phone to the service center.


We find touch screens in all types of gadgets like smartwatches, smartphones, computers, laptops, tablets, ATMs, etc. They are very easy to use and interactive. But have you wondered how the touch screen works? A touch screen is an electronic visual display that can be controlled by the user’s fingertip.

E.A. Johnson, in 1960 was the first person who has put his thoughts about touch screens out to the world. After that, a lot of s went through. In 1970, Frank Beck Bent Stumpe launched touch screen technology.

A touch screen can be of different types like infrared, resistance, capacitive, and Surface wave.

The Resistive screen has two layers – 1) Resistive layer 2) Conductive layer. There are dots present in between the layers. The upper layer of the resistive screen is very flexible which is made of polythene. The lower layer is very hard which is made up of glass.


  • Always clean your phone in a day or two.
  • Make sure your display screen is not covered with oil/sweat particles.
  • Check if your device is screen shared with another device.
  • When not necessary, turn off the power-saving mode.
  • Change the screen guard and replace it with a new phone. (As it is covering the phone since you bought it.) I have seen many people who don’t change the screen guard of their phone since they bought it.
  • Make sure that the screen sensors of your device work properly.
  • There’s a chance that your device got attacked by a virus.
  • It’s also possible that your phone’s memory is full. Try deleting the unwanted files or clearing the app data from the settings.
  • Many people use their smartphones after just washing their hands or in oily hands as sometimes the phone doesn’t detect touches in oily/wet hands.
  • A major reason for this is that your phone suddenly slipped out of your hand and fell from a height. Usually, your phone’s screen gets broken, and it stops detecting touches. So be careful while using your phone. Remember, it costs you tons of pleasing to your dad as it cost me too. 


Run to your bathroom. No, I am not going to prank you, come on. I just need something that you will find there. Guess what – toothpaste. You might think that I want you to clean your teeth and get rid of the black chocolate still sticking around. But wait, that’s not the case. I came to know that your phone has minor cracks; neighbors are the source, of course, yours. Apply the toothpaste on your phone’s screen, and don’t be silly finding out which brand works best. Wait for some time. Get a business card, use mine; you don’t have one, just kidding, I don’t have either. Now with the card, get rid of the toothpaste. WOW! I heard you shout.


So we are at the conclusion of how to fix cracked unresponsive touch screen. Our phone does not leave us, or rather, it’s hard for us to leave them. Staying away from these creatures even for a minute makes us nauseous. The medications provided above will work if the disease is an unresponsive screen. Just choose which one your creature will need; you can decide that based on whether your whole screen is unresponsive. If parts of the screen are unresponsive, then try accordingly. There are different levels of damage that the screen could have and can be fixed as per need from the list as mentioned earlier to try out. It will make you more innovative, and the happiness of repairing it yourself is beyond words. You would cry seeing your touch screen can feel you. What if some people can’t. I hope you found this article useful.  

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