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How to remove a label in Gmail?

In this blog, we will discuss Gmail and its important component, “label.” Firstly, we will tell you something about labels and then Gmail labels, secondly how to add it, remove a label in Gmail, show, or hide these levels, and it’s fascinating and knowledgeable to know about it.

In today’s century, where everything is going online. The medium of our communication is also changing. Telegram postcard letters have lost their identity, and emails, online messaging have taken place, so it is very much essential to use that technology efficiently so that it can maximize our output and reduce our time. Gmail is such an important medium in today’s world that even school children also need an email id.

To use WhatsApp, Facebook, or any other social media, and an email id is a must to have. And to create a mail id, we primarily use Gmail. Now to use Gmail and its other features is a thing that must be known to everyone.

What’s it? label?

Labels are the categories for email messages in Gmail. They’re like the folders that store the specific kind of email within the folders. Similar to labels like the “sent” label which stores all sent emails and the “inbox” label that stores all emails sent “inbox” label which stores the emails that were sent to you as well as”draft,” which is the “draft” label which stores all draft emails. There are a variety of labels available. You can also design and remove labels of your own choice.

Labels are basically the categories of an email that mail providers provide us. Several categories are used to ease our work, like sent, inbox, draft, and many other categories. This categorization can reduce our time to find the particular mail efficiently. For using these email labels, firstly, you should have a Gmail account that can be opened easily by using its website that is gmail.com. You can use Gmail for fast communication after entering some details like your name, dob, gender, mobile number, etc.

Gmail Labels

To make a Gmail label first, you have to have a Gmail account. If you do not have one, then let’s make one.

1. Create an account on Gmail. Gmail account

To set up an account with a Gmail account, first, you need to visit the site gmail.com and when you open the website, there will be a sign-up account option beneath. Click on it. Then you’ll have three choices. Select “for me” since we’re creating a personal Gmail account. Then, enter your first and last name. Enter your mail address your preference. Select a password, then click next. Then enter your date of birth as well as the gender. For verification, enter your mobile number as well as OTP. After verification, the account is created. A Gmail account is set up.

2. Create label in Gmail

After you have created the Gmail account, we’ll look at how to add a label to this. To begin, visit gmail.com and log in to your account. Then, on the left after scrolling down you will see additional options. Click on it. Then click Add label. Create a new label. Enter the name of your label and then click create. Your new label is made. If you want to add a label, just tap on the new label option on the left side and, according to your need, give it a suitable name.

3. Edit a label

If you’d like to change the label you are able to do that as well. Log in to your account at gmail.com and then on the left, you will see many labels. Choose the label you’d like to change. Then, by clicking on the next here, you can make edits to your label. If you want to edit a label, just click on a label you want to edit, select more options and tap to edit.

4. Remove a label

After creating your account, you will see a list in which several categories of labels have been given on the left side. If you want to remove a label from Gmail, choose the label you don’t require, click on three dots of that label, and click on the Remove option. In case if you don’t want to remove the label, you can also hide it for hiding the label visit gmail.com, on the right side, tap on the Settings option, in all settings option click on the label option where you can choose hide label or show label.

You can now erase your account, or remove all labels of the Gmail email account. It is also possible. First, you need to go to gmail.com and log in to your account. Once you have done that, head to the left of Gmail and select the label that you wish to remove. Click it (three dots option for setting) and select “remove the label.”

5. Labels to hide or show

We’ve learned how to edit, add or remove your gmail label. If you don’t wish to remove your label but want to conceal it, you can do that as well. First login into gmail.com. At the top of you will see the settings gear. Click on it. Then click on all settings and then select labels. You can then conceal or display any label.

Be aware that these methods can only be used on Google’s website version Gmail. It is not possible to make changes to the labels of the Android application of Gmail.


So, if you want to customize your Gmail labels, use the ways I have told you above and organize them as per your requirement. I hope this blog has cleared all your doubts about Gmail labels. If there is any other query regarding it, just comment below in the comment section, and I will answer it as soon as possible.

Labels are essential for organizing emails. In the absence of labels, emailers will have numerous issues when trying to find emails. We just need to learn the best way to insert and remove labels. label. In this article, we will learn the steps to insert and remove the Gmail label. Hope this helps you solve your problem.


Q1. Why my labels aren’t showing in Gmail?

Resolution: You must have hidden the labels inside Gmail. Use the method above to display that your labels are hidden in Gmail.

Q2. What is the best method to do with emails instead of Gmail?

Resolution: You can use Hotmail, Outlook, and Yahoo mail as well to access the email services if you don’t wish to use Gmail.

Q3. Do I need to set up an account on Google Drive as well after registering an account with Gmail?

Resolution: When you create a Gmail account, you already have access to Google Drive through your Gmail account. Therefore, you don’t need to sign up for an account with Google drive when you have an existing Gmail account.

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