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Procreate for Windows

If you are an artist and capable of making aesthetic paintings, why should one restrict themselves to pen paper? Everything in this world is evolving, and everyone is getting attached to the Internet and Technology. People are getting tech-savvy nowadays, and I feel like an artist should enhance their skills and show it to the outer world digitally. They can do so using digital panting applications that are pre-defined with brushes of different shapes and sizes, colors, and all the necessary requirements. For a professional, an application known as PROCREATE is available for iOS users that is free to use. But, how to use Procreate for Windows?

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Procreate for windows
Procreate for windows

What is procreate?

It is a popular application for digital painting limited to iOS and iPad. Though it is digital, it is famous for creating a natural feel or real-like quality while drawing. To start with, procreate is not available on mac or windows; it is better than Photoshop and has a pro-motion display. You first need to learn the application as it has really developed and advanced tools. You can learn from Udemy. It is worth learning as it is the best application for art and designing for just $10 for lifetime accessibility. 

How to use Procreate for windows

Apart from all alternatives provided below, if you are determined to use Procreate for windows only. Then follow the steps to download Procreate for windows:

  1. From any trusted source or official website, download blue stack or noxplayer. 
  2. Install blue stack and wait for some time.
  3. Run the application and sign in using your google id.
  4. Type “Procreate” in the search box and enter download.
  5. Click on install, and you will be to download it to your windows operating system.

Procreate for windows Alternatives

These alternatives are pretty good, and some of them are very easy to use as a beginner. Let us talk about some of the alternatives to Procreate for Windows:


 It is famous for its easy-to-use user interface that helps you to create comics, art, and graphic illustration and creation. The best about Krita is that if it is open-source and free for Windows, Mac, and other operating systems. It is on the list of top-rated apps in the Linux community. It endorses raster graphics with a lot of brush and colors. You can also import brushes from its resource manager.

Autodesk Sketchbook:

 It is a popular alternative to Procreate for Windows operating system, which is free. For using it, you just have to log in, and then you can avail all the tools and features. It is quite tough to learn but once mastered. It has an infinite canvas that can be availed for digital painting. Another feature is that it encourages a third-party stylus, and you can save the file in jpg, png, BMP format. 

Art Rage: 

It is best for beginners, compatible with windows, android, mac, and IOS. It helps you to draw or sketch real-life paintings. Its UI and controls are very simple and easy to use. The only drawback is that you cannot use it professionally. This versatile platform can be installed for free, but for an upgrade, you need to pay some amount.

Clip Studio Paint: 

It has a powerful brush engine. You can work on minute details using this tool. It can be synced cross-platform, making this a unique feature, apart from having a huge range of brush sizes. You can modify the tools as per your convenience, and thus syncing help you here. You can use the same on different devices.


Inkscape is a free open source used for vector drawing. Compatible with Windows 10 and is famous for its advanced features for complex paintings and vector designing and a very nice text tool. It is not very simple, but once you have good hands on it, it can be considered as an excellent alternative to Procreate. It is not very useful in case when the user wants raster graphics editing.


 It is an alternative to Procreate if you want to create a comic. This application provides you with a lot of unique and beautiful backgrounds. It has a color wheel that helps your most used colors, thus help you to create manga or comics easily. Special features include an automatic selection tool, font tools, etc. It is also free for windows and mac users. It is friendly and easy to use as a beginner.

Corel Painter: 

Corel Painter is another alternative made for professionals. It has a process that helps you import thousands of brushes from other artists and improves the device’s performance. It was made just to save the time of the artist. You can learn Corel painter from YouTube. This application is free for the first 15 days only, then it costs around $430 a lifetime. 

Adobe Illustrator Draw: 

It is one of the best alternatives, although it is not that popular. Adobe has made this app so that you can connect it with other android applications like Lightroom, photoshop, Behance, etc. It has multiple layers, and you can even customize the toolbar as per your choice. The best part is that it has vector brushes so that you can use them according to your preference or choice. It is absolutely free to the users. 


If you are an artist or want to become an artist, you can use try these applications. Install them, use them, and then try to master any one of the alternatives of your choice. These are perfect alternatives to Procreate for Windows. Some of them are free, others are paid, but you can use them for a trial period, and if you find it convenient, you can learn about that application with the help of Youtube. 

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