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Google Pedometer

In the article, I will take you through the journey of what google pedometer is? Why it is used? How we can use it? Why used we use it and the reason? How does it work? What is a pedometer? what are the types of a pedometer? we have never heard of this word. If you have such questions in your mind, I can assure you after reading this article you will get all your answers. In a little brief the google pedometer is one of the Google-made facilities which provides details about our health status. 

Many of you are familiar with the word, or some of you may be using it. But if you never heard of this word this article is for you and if already know about it let’s, get some extra knowledge as we know extra knowledge has no harm to anyone. To understand what the google pedometer is let break this word.

I can rely on you that you are familiar with google and also used google. As of now, Google has become a basic necessity in everybody’s life. But in any case, you don’t know what google is? What can it do? You should go and check it out because you are living in the 21st century this is the era of digitalization. It’s kind of compulsory to know what google is.

Google Pedometer
Google Pedometer

What is Google?

Google is a multinational company that provides internet-associated facilities and products like chrome, google-translate, sheets, google search, google photos, google duo, pixels, and many more. If you haven’t even noticed how useful google is let’s discuss now:

Google trends – it shows most searched topics on google. Trends are made according to your view list what you like to like we can say that is categorized.

One of the awesome features of google that everyone should know is important if you are a forgetful person. This feature can help you to track your android device you just have to go to google.com and type find my phone then the location of your phone or device will be shown in maps.

Google dashboard – provides information about all the assistance Google provides to you.

Google photos – some might of you already know what it is. It provides storage to store your photos or we can say that a secure place. You can access those photos from anywhere. There is no risk that your photos might delete.

Google maps – this facility of google is extremely useful. Google maps can take you anywhere you want you just have to type in the destination you want to go. It will show you all the routes, traffic everything about it.

Google translate – in this feature you can use any language you are comfortable with interact with google.

One of the google facilities is the google pedometer we will talk about this in this article. Now that we know the basics about what the google pedometer is let’s talk about it in detail.

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Chapter 1: What is Google Pedometer?

A Google pedometer is an electronic device that is used to count or keep track of the number of steps or distance covered by a person. At an early stage, the pedometer was a clip-like device that senses the motion in the body and we can buckle up pedometer anywhere on our body. Pedometers are economical, modest, authentic, and movable devices. A pedometer can be used by anyone of any age group. Anywhere you want to wear.

Tracking activity

How to track physical activity with a pedometer?

First of all, you need to decide a target to what to achieve on weekly basis then attach a pedometer in the morning wear it whole and at the end of the day record the number of steps to have covered in the whole day. Now on the weekend when you are finally free from all the work you can estimate how many calories you have burned.


So, let’s learn how a pedometer works? It consists of a lever arm inside which moves when there is motion in our body.

Sometimes accuracy of the pedometer is inaccurate because any vibration in the body is counted as a for example sitting in a car, bus, the train also gives vibration in the body and is also counted as a step which gives imprecise result.

Pedometer features

In the customer’s eyes of a product should be its accuracy, cost, and comfort. The pedometer should be comfortable we want to wear it for the whole day. At the end of the accuracy matters on very aspects of life same implies on pedometer if we are investing our money on some good then we should get the result and should be satisfied by it.

Types of pedometers

Pedometers are of two types piezoelectric and spring levered.

A piezoelectric pedometer is more sensitive so they are preferable for individuals who walk slowly.

Whereas spring levered are not that sensitive so they are preferable for someone who is running, bicycling.

Then as the year passes technology becomes advance new gadgets are innovated and brought to the market that does the same job that a pedometer does.

Now we have smart, fancy watches, fitness bands to replace the pedometer. They are more featured and advance than pedometers they can count the heart rate, we can set a timer to aim our target on daily basis.

Chapter 2: Google fit.

As of now, we are well aware of how useful google is. Google is always there you made your life comfortable and adaptable. So, google introduce a new app called google fit which works similarly as a pedometer so don’t have to waste your money on buying an expensive pedometer, apple watch, fitness band. Google fit can do all work for you without spending a single bug.

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How do Google Fit works?

Google fit is a health-tracking app that uses a sensor (accelerometer, step counter, significant motion counter) on your device to record the steps and any physical activities (walking, cycling and running, etc.) for you.

If we choose some sort of particular activities like rowing, gardening then this app google fit will count the heart points and move minutes that how much target is remaining to achieve. Google fit uses the accelerometer to decide whether you’re sleeping or not whereas in other devices to track the record if somebody is sleeping you have to wear an actigraphy sensor around your waist.

You can use or connect this app either on your android phone or in your OS smartwatch.

In this app you can select which activity you want to perform, when you want to do the date and time you can specify, you can also insert weight, height in any unit of measurement you want so that it can keep track of how many calories you have to burn or we can say that keep track of your health.

Google fit shows how many minutes you walk, heart points, calories burned during your walking, foot steps taken, heart rate of that time, mile traveled, modern workout, etc. through this you can get a complete picture of your health status.

Installation of the google fit

  • Go to google play store.
Installation of Google Pedometer
  • Click on install button and wait till it get installed.
Click on install button
  • Wait till it gets installed
gets installed

Features of google fit

  • First feature that google fit provide you is you can set your weight. 
Features of Google pedometer
  • It can automatically track your activity.
automatically track your activity
  • Google fit can calculate your heart rate.
calculate your heart rate
  • You can set date and time according to your wish and you can also see how much you lose weight.
lose weight

  • Next, You can get more precise information by allowing GPS.
precise information by allowing GPS
  • You can set your goal on daily basis.
  • Also, you can see WHO guidelines.
WHO guidelines

Setting Google fit

Once you are done with installing google fit. Now the next step is setting google fit according to you.

  • Setting your height.
Setting Google pedometer
  • Setting your weight.
Setting your weight

Chapter 3: Benefits of Google pedometer

Now let’s discuss some of the benefits of the Google pedometer.

In today’s lifestyle benefits of exercise are well known to all of us. Everybody wants to be fit and fine live long. But in this fast-moving busy life, nobody has time for that but at least we can monitor our health records through google pedometer. Exercise decreased chronic diseases like heart problems, blood pressure, diabetes somehow helps in reducing certain types of cancers, also increases muscle strength. We almost forgot one of the most important things mental health which we are habitual to ignoring it most of the people in today’s generation are suffering from depression which can also be cure by exercise. So, when you exercise inner peace of body can heal everything.

Interesting fact – do you know thirty minutes of exercise can improve IQ also? So, it has only benefited no harm is there and you can see your daily progress also through google pedometer that is google fit.

Google fit also has a cool feature which is privacy no third party can see your data which is indeed a good feature of google fit.

View data graph

To see the progress, you made in the past few weeks and days. Google fit has features of seeing graph details where you can see all the information of you has made it shows your heart rate, calories burn, weight everything you want to see unlike in the pedometer we have to note our progress by ourselves.

So, this feature of google fit is really helpful and easy to understand as it is in the form of a graph that anybody can grasp.

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Chapter 4: Summary

Google has always provided the best things which can make our life flexible and accommodating. We can now clearly see after discussing the google pedometer. After watching all the features of google pedometer it feels like google is providing us our fitness expert trainee which will assist you remind you and make you alive and kicking. For some people who are fitness freaks, google pedometer is best.

Google fit is always helpful for health maintenance.

Let’s see how advantageous google fit is:

  • Free
  • Power saving
  • Health tracker
  • Private personal information
  • Easy to use
  • Keep users motivated
  • Visual reports
  • Backup and restore data

Chapter 5: FAQ on Google Pedometer

Question 1: What you can measure from google fit?

Answer: it can measure time, steps, calories, distance, weight, elevation.

Question 2: is it possible that the google fit app measures steps all the time without draining the battery?

Answer: google fit app unlike some other app does not require GPS to be on all the time. The moment we install the google fit app it starts recording the step. However, it does not seem to drain the battery. You can also turn on GPS for 100% accurate results.

Question 3: Is the pedometer accurate?

Answer: no, pedometer or any other device can give an accurate result. As in vibration or any movement of tour body counted as an inaccurate step.

Question 4: How does google fit know somebody is walking?

Answer: google fit detects it using your device through the sensors (like accelerometer and GPS).

Question 5: How does google fit calculate heart rate?

Answer: It uses sensors or heart rate monitors using that you can calculate heart rate.

Question 6: Is essential to install google fit to get APIs?

Answer: no, it’s not required to install google fit as APIs are application programming interfaces that are communication between google services that can be accessed without installing google fit.

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